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  1. Since I last posted I've been growing a couple of plants that are from a Juanita La Lagrimosa pollinated by the Original Afghani #1.  They are about 2 weeks from harvest now.  They are in 3 gallon grow bags of FFOF as the base soil.  To this I added 20% FFHF and 30% pearlite, a little extra bone meal and some greensand and about a pint of oyster shell.  I've grown in these bags once before so I fed it Dyna-gro Bloom.  Flushing them starting a few days ago.
    Juanita La Lagrimosa is a high CBD strain by Reggae Seeds with Elite Seeds, as I understand it, in cooperation with OSSC.  Juanita isn't available in regular seeds and I want to be able to grow from seeds so I started this breeding project to try and come up with a high CBD strain of my own.  And this is the start of it.  Unfortunately I didn't get a male so I will have to start some more seeds to get one to pollinate the pure Juanita La Lagrimosa.  I'll back cross to the Juanita side a couple of times probably.  Meanwhile this will tell me something about where I'm going.


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  2. I just read through your journal and now see why you were interested in my MM 1+2 x MTV. I've been trying to pop some other old frozen seeds but so far I've only gotten the one seed to grow. It is really taking off now.
    I used to grow the seeds out of the Mexican (I called it rag weed) marijuana and they use to grow to 10-12' tall.
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    Actually one of my friends did the growing and I helped him with the harvest. He did the breeding from seeds purchased in the early 70's from Amsterdam. He didn't like the sativas because they grew too tall. He breed to lower the height, improve the quality and shorten the flowering time. He did this in the foothills of the Cascades so they really need to be finished in late September. If the weather held he would let it go longer. The picture above was taken the opening day for deer season in mid October.
    Here's the MM 1+2 x MTV a week ago.
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  3. It looks good.  Any idea what its ancestors are?  Some of the Sativas you mention?
    No, these would be mostly indica. The sativa were just the best Mexican weed we could find in those days. We have a growing season in the foothills that need to finish early October. My friend got the seeds for breeding from Amsterdam. It was years later that this source would be watched. By then, he had a varied collection of these Amsterdam seeds.
  5. For the passed couple of days I've been getting high on some of the result of the cross of the Original Afghani #1 with the Juanita La Lagrimosa.  She is stronger than either parent in THC and still has a good bit of CBD too.  She has a bit of Lemon Mist with a hint of Mint flavor.  I like her a lot! :smoking:
  6. :confused_2: where's everybody?
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    I just came across this thread and figured I should add my experience.
    Back about 25-30yrs ago in Denver we would get what was then referred to just as 'Afghani'. As it was the best strain to come along, I kept some seeds in the original baggie, sealed and stashed in one of those old pocket size tea tins, tossed in a nostalgia collection box, stored in closets and forgotten. After many moves, last Winter I finally went through that old box and came across the tin with the seeds. What a joy!
    I immediately grew some out in an indoor aeroponics system to confirm the strain. After approx. 25-30yrs in storage, nearly every seed I planted in the rocks germinated and I am pretty sure they are Afghani #1 or a close relative, maybe even parent strain? Just as sticky and potent for pain as I remember from the past.
    Since confirming, I then grew a second grow, kept the best male and let him fully pollinate 4 female specimens, all from the original seeds, resulting in a treasure of seeds. Now I am growing out several of those newly made seeds and look forward to a most excellent harvest, and many more to come.
    Again, these seeds were never frozen, just stashed in a baggie, inside a tin, inside a box, and they survived all those years with almost 100% germination.
    I've attached a couple pics from the last (2nd) grow, taken about 2 weeks into flowering:
    A1 female 1of4specimins crop1.jpg A1 male and female.jpg
    edit: here's one more pic from the 1st grow. Note the massive dark green leaves. I've never seen them so big... 030.JPG
  8. Nice, Funky town, very nice!!
  9. The afghani with a commercial appeal seems to originate in Norcal late 70's, if all the stories line up those cultivars were then taken to the Dutch scene where selection began, infamously leading to maple leaf. I feel the strength achieved throughout the 80's was a process of acquisition as better stock was getting through when growers caught on to the hashish plants. They were strong from the start, but characteristically harsh as well. Hybridizing with limonene terp heavy plants eventually disguised the bite, but most of us had already acclimated to it by the time OG was popularized.
  10. thanks for the input.  I agree.  The first AFghani to get here weren't as good as they have been made since then.  But I wanted to go way back.  As far back as I could so I got Original Afghani #1 and a couple of others too to experiment with.  So far, no regrets!
  11. Tha summer before last I grew a few of the Original Afghani #1 beside a plant I originally thought was OG #18.  Turns out it wasn't but it is good and so I keep on growing it.  This one got pollinated by the Afghani and this passed summer I grew a few plants from their seeds.  I am very pleased!  A couple of tokes and I can't remember what I'm doing for more than a couple of seconds.  It tastes good too!  I still need to grow it indoors to see how it does there.  But so far I'm very happy that I started this Original Afghani #1 experiment.  It is working out pretty well for me.
  12. The Afghan 1 pollen Chemdog contributed to an SFV OG turned out just fine by most people's standard.
  13. The Afghani #1 is in a whole lot of things on the market today.  I didn't know it and Chemdog made OG though.  Thanks for that!
    I wish I knew what the bud was that the seed I just grew that was crossed with the Afghani was.  But I haven't got a cllue.  I've talked with the dispensary owners and they remember the strain.  They say they thought it was OG #18 when they started but soon found out that it wasn't and they too don't have a clue what it was.  But it is good!
  14. I really enjoy hearing the stories and experiences of the old timer stoners. I'm just a bit behind that era but I would absolutely LOVE to get my hands on some pure sativa. I just started growing a few different strands and I suppose I could be considered a noob again. Not only have I not grown in about 10 years but I haven't even smoked in about 5 or 6 years, mainly just because I don't know anyone, I live in a state where its illegal even tho I would get a Dr note instantly. Point being I'm not going to the Meth dealer on the corner for some weed, so I went without. Now I've set up shop and I'm going to mix and match a few of my own and see what i get. Right now I've got 2 of those afghani #1, 2 incredible hulk and 2 random free autoflowers. Well see what happens. I did want to tell you all how I've enjoyed reading this thread though. You guys are great!
    I find this difficult to swallow unless your 80 something years old. The North-West Frontier Province was a former province created by the British and dissolved in 1955 after only eight years as part of the independent state Pakistan. So if you were based there I am assuming you mean Military, which means your were 16 - 18 years old in 1955 or before the dissolving of said NWFP. And now we are 2015, so you now being between 75 -80 years old you are officially the oldest member of a Cannabis forum I have ever been acquainted with, and also the oldest computer savvy individual I know.
    Cool Story though.
  16. dude dude I had fucking pure sativa no joke ! that shit look super fucking awesome i never seen any marijuana plant looks close to this plant the leave structure was something never seen one again
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  17. daaaahmn im see if what you say is true sound like it makes sense .about the very drought tolerant plants in high altitudes .im try it any best example cause im going to test these strain in the wild here in northern US .Think i might be able to get a wild indica patch .That's super drought tolerant here ?We get arid rocky soil and dry too .
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  18. Good luck getting a naturalized patch going. I've managed it once. In 1972 I put seeds everywhere I thought they might grow in a valley on the edge of the Rocky Mountains in northern N.M. I planted thousands of seeds. The only place they made it was in a depression where an outhouse had been a LONG time before.

    They were Mexican seeds. They really needed more water than they got. Maybe your India will have a better chance. Ketama is s strain on India from Morraco and is said to be droudt tolerant and do well in poor soil.
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  19. Afghani #1 2017 grow. Seeds are from a colorado dispensary 20170402_123127.jpg 20170402_123238.jpg 20170402_123729.jpg

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