Original Afghani #1

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  1. they were stored in dry rice in vacume tubes and placed in cold storage in 88. the germ rate was about 30% but after lettin them air ou for a few days they crack better, always store 500 or more seeds for this reason they last a long time and its fun as hell to find the old gems,,,

    I'll get a vid goin here in a little bit for ya.
  2. heres the vid, sorry if ya were expecting the short little hash plants these are a more upright plant that hits 5-7 foot max..

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMpVs2stXa4]Afghan. 88 - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Thanks for that. What temperature was the cold storage? Were the vacume tubes vacumed?
  4. no just push vac tubes...was a long time ago. temps at 40*f
  5. Thanks for the information.  That's a pretty long time for any of them to still be viable, at any rate of germination.  Gives me hope for the seeds I have in storage.
  6. That was some Dayam GOOD shit rb. We would usually head out into the country and have a smoke-out. GoodTimes :smoking:
  7. Mountains, clean air, a stream and fishing pole.  Put some good weed into the mix and you have a very fine day indeed.
  8. What's going on?  Need to get this thing moving again.  Where did everyone go?
  9. What is going on is that they went and "fixed" something that wasn't broken!  And now it doesn't work as well as it did before they went and made it better. 
    Really though, when they made the change they unsubscribed us all from everything we were subscribed to.  If we want to keep on with a thread we have to resubscribe to it and a lot of people seem to not have figured that out, or found the threads they were subscribed to again.
  10. Have to go to your subscribed threads, hit the choose box and scroll down a select your notification preference.  Took me a couple of weeks to figure it out.  Lol  I must be a bit on the dense side.
  11. I was wrong.  It is a male.

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  12. Finally I'm back Mr.OldPot, this new GC isn't that user friendly for me, since I only jump on when on my phone. Sorry to hear it was a male.
  13. I've been gone for a long time.  Not really gone, just not logged in here.  Been busy doing other things that occupied my time and mind.
    I'm not at all sorry it is male!  I wanted a male.  I wanted seeds and now I've got lots of them.  At the price I paid for the ones I bought I have hundreds of dollars worth of them.  I'm set for a long time of growing males for crossing with other things.
    As well as pure Original Afghani #1 seeds for future use I pollinated Juanita La Lagrimosa, a high CBD strain, and have more than enough seeds from this cross to work with.  And I pollinated O.G. Kush #18 and Critical Widow with the Original Afghani #1 and will back cross each of them back to their mothers. 
    Getting a male fit right in with my plans for Original Afghani #1.

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  14. Hey Mr.Pothead, how's it growing?
  15. Its time to update this thread.
    I pollinated a female Original Afghani #1, a Juanita La Lagrimosa, a Critical Widow and a O.G. Kush #18 with the male Original Afghani #1.  I had removed him from the bloom tent until  he was really dropping pollen big time.  Then I cut off several flower tops and shook them in a paper bag.  Then I took the bag and squeezed it so that a puff of pollen came out over the female Afghani plant.  But it was way more pollen than I had intended and that is why the other strains got pollinated too.  I won't do it that way again If I only want to pollinate one plant in a tent with more than one plant in it.  All four plants were heavily seeded with more than half the weight being seeds.  Oh well!  Now I have plenty to work with.  
    I really like the Juanita La Lagrimosa and plan to pollinate a clone of her with pollen from her son from the Afghani and see what the line bred cross is like.  This particular phenotype of Juanita gives me a very nice relaxed stone with enough  cerebral activity to make it interesting.  Juanita is supposed to have 8.81% CBD and only 6.77% THC so I expect this one has more THC than that.  I can't say about the CBD.  I don't know how to judge its affects.
    I'll probably do the same with the Critical Widow and the OG Kush #18 just to see what I get.
    The main thing is that I have hundreds of good fresh Original Afghani #1 seeds for future breeding experiments.  That is what I was going for.
  16. Another update.  A couple of days ago I decided to spend the day in an Afghani head.  WOW!  What a day!  Sneaky stuff snuck right up on me and before I knew it I was so stoned I could barely walk.  And the whole world looked lighter and brighter too. 
    Next time I'll take if more seriously and go a little easier.  That shit can put you on your ass!
  17. Haha sounds like a great time friend. Glad you got your seeds. I'm assuming your crop is well into flower by now right?
  18. Done harvestiing.  Almost done smoking and vaping it too.  I'm about to start flowering a cross of the Afghani with Juanita La Lagrimost.  They look really nice!  Lots bushier than the pure Juanita.  The Juanita is a very wispy plant with airy buds.  I think the Afghani will make the buds more dense.  The danger is that it will mess up the high CBD and low THC content and it will be just another cross bred nothing special plant.  Gotta wait and see.
  19. You never know Mr.Oldpot, it might make something worth bragging about. I need some high Cbd strains myself, for my scoliosis. Good luck on the next one, I'll be lurking around the city now that I got the GC app back.

    Fuck your French, and excuse my Ebonics....
  20. Great read, 

    CHeers making me itch for some afgani crop

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