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  2. It is a cool diagram Warfrat. Thanks.

    I can tell long before a plant puts out a pistol or is even close to releasing pollen. Now I'm trying to figure it out while it is still so small that I need a lens to see it clearly enough to tell the difference.
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    Cannabis determines its sexuality between 4 and 6 weeks of growth and the first expression of sexuality will appear on the 5th nodal connection to the main stem. The only exception is the plant that has been topped prior to sexual expression and these plants may take up to 12 weeks before sexuality is expressed.

    There is also some slight variation among strains. Some will express their sexuality in 4 weeks and others more obscure at 6 weeks. Ive seen the first flowers demonstrated from the 4th to the 7th node

    BACK To afghani 1.

    Ive grown Sensi's affie 1 and sam the skunkmans affie 1. Both were clearly hybrids with varied phenotypical variaton that ranged from a 7' footer to a 4 footer. Potency was average at best and both offerring suffered in my kentucky outdoor and i wouldnt grow either again nor would i use them to breed. Both offerings lacked good mould and bug resistance which is far more typical of lowland affies. The higher altitude varieties are tough, drought, bug and disease resistant.

    The real problem with the term "Afghani" is that there are so many and with so much variation. When you say Afghani 1, do you mean the tough 3' plant that grows high in the hindu kush mountain where the soil is arid and snow hits mid sept? or are you talking about the 10' kandahar special that finishes late oct and yields 2lbs of smoke? There are dozens of afghan variations in between from the norther desert region of Mazar shariff to the lowlands of kandahar, to the high reachs of the hindu kush ,mountain range near the nepali/paki border. The plants from these regions are very different in many ways, and in some instances, share many traits with high altitude pakistani, kashmere and nepal strains.

    HIgh altitude kush stains and some Mazar area strains are very drought resistant as the areas they are native too are arid and the soil is poor, rocky and dry. These seldom reach 4' and rarely die from lack of water. Completely disease and bug proof and will grow in shallow soil. The lowland varieties have poor mould and disease resitance and require much more moisture for full growth

    Currently there are several very good afgani's on the markent. Senis's Maple leaf indica is the highest quality and finest expression of afghan genetics anywhere in the retail market. It is a hybrid of 2 closley related landrace affies( they were taken from tribes/villages less that 10 miles apart), that were tribal strains taken out of Afghanistan before the russians invaded. Farmers left their farms to fight the russians and the war lasted 20 yrs. Many tribal strains that had been selected and grown for many many generations of tribal farmes disappeared. Maple leaf is the exception and its sweet peach taste and wonderfully euforic red eyed giggles are classic afghan hash den. MLI stand alone.

    Paki chitral from Cannabiogren is another good offering but isnt the quality of MLI. Afgan kush from World of Seeds is another fine offereing and exceeds MLI in potency but isnt as good a breeder as MLI.

    A number of true affies that were taken out prior to the russian invasion such as Deep Chunk or Reefermans lowland afghani, have been so inbred over the past 40 yrs that now they are very lethargic in growth with anomilies such as hermaphroditism or leaf varigation.

    MLI is the best breeder. I have a blueberry/mli cross that grows to 8' outdoors, finishes in late sept. Is drought and bug proof,( good affies are tough) and has the sweetest fruitiest redeye buzz that lets you giggle all the way to a nap. Continued use throughout the day causes a drunken physical state that leaves one bumbling, stumbling, redeyed and a 30 second delay in all brain input. Dont burn her and head off to church or operate heavy machinery.

    Thats what i know
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  4. Many thanks Clodhopper! It sounds like you've been growing Indica for some time, or at least studying it. I really appreciate your input.

    I am growing Original Afghani #1 by Seedsman Seeds and they came form the Attitude. They are supposed to have a flowering period of 6 to 7 weeks. So I assume they are one of the highland varieties you spoke of. The original seeds were supposedly collected in the '70s.

    Here is a pic of it at a little over 6 weeks since the seed was planted and a new pic of the preflower. I'm leaning towards it being a female. But I'm still not sure.

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  5. You mentioned Attitude seeds huh Mr.Oldpot? I was curious to how safe it is. How long have you been growing? Do you normally order seeds online??
    Just curious since there's so many seed strains I want to grow out. In your experience, is it difficult to hide an indoor grow from friends and family who enter? Neighbors??
    Thanks again sir.
    Anyways she's looking green and gorgeous, keep up the great grow.

    It isn't Rocket Science, just Quantum Physics...
  6. Ya Dro, it is pretty safe to order from some seed banks on line. I have bought a few. The Attitude is the best, in my opinion, and Original Sensible Seed Co. is a close second. Either will deliver what you order. The Attitude has better bonuses though. If you buy at the right time from them you might get more free seeds at face value than you ordered. Once I got over $100 worth of free seeds on an order of about #65. One of the free seeds was Reserva Privada's O.G. Kush #18. It is listed at $19.xx each seed. Most of the free seeds cost would cost over $10 if I ordered it.

    Is it difficult to hide an indoor grow? It all depends on your situation and your budget. If you have a lot of traffic through your house, no. Not without spending on odor elimination. And you may need to do something about noise. I'm 71 years old and don't get many visitors. And I'm legal. I'm licensed by N.M. to grow up to 16 plants with no more than 4 in flower and I can have 6 oz. in possession. I have a video survalience system and a door alarm on the grow room. So I probably have a very different situation than you do. That is something you need to evaluate for yourself before you begin to grow.
  7. Thats cool to hear Ol'pothead. Thought I was an ol'fart. :D Enjoying learning more about the sexing and different phenos and why it's the way it is. Never too old to learn is my motto. Gotta keep the neurons and synapses clicking.;):smoke::smoke:
  8. Thought you were an old fart huh? Old is part a number and part how you feel. My head is still young but my body has a hard time keeping up with it. And ya, you gotta keep the neurons and synapses clicking. Learning helps me feel young. Growing helps me keep on going. :hello:
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  9. Hear dat Oldhead, keep it green.;)
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  10. Thanks man, I appreciate the advice. I plan to do some indoor in the future, I'm currently growing some high grade bag seeds outside.

    Keep the updates coming my man, I'll be lurking;-)

    It isn't Rocket Science, just Quantum Physics...
  11. Enjoy the new Rep bar clodhopper(least till they take out Rep in two weeks), that post earned it.
  12. Bag seed can produce some outstanding weed! For many years I didn't grow because I had been ripped off so many times I just gave up trying. I figured the neighbor kids all knew I grew and so they went looking for it and it was pointless to even try to grow some. During that time I saved seeds from anything I got that was considerably better than average. When I started to grow indoors I started with some from my "Mexican Collection", as I called the seed I had saved over the years of not growing. I called this first grow M-1. After smoking all day with a friend who got "Medical" MJ from the dispensaries I would come home and smoke some M-1 to get stoned. It is really good stuff! Good luck with yours!
  13. Last night I moved the Original Afghani #1.2 plant into the bloom tent. I think the preflower shows it is a female, but I'm still not sure. I'll know soon enough now. I also took a couple of cuttings and put them in the cloner.

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  14. Looking good Mr.Pothead. If agree, pre flower she does look like a pretty lady, hopefully she stays a lady haha.

    It isn't Rocket Science, just Quantum Physics...
  15. It was really late when we got bashed in the head by the arrival of the Afghani's. It came to Ocean Beach CA in 1980 with the Day-n-Night owners. We were growing California Orange and Skunk's, the Gold and Red, no Indica's. Was late though, kinda far down on the map OB is.
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  16. What was your own opinion of the pure Indicas?
  17. I am lovin this thread and will need to read it all but I do have a little something interesting goin on now...

    in the early 80s I had aquired some tru Affies, (afghan 1) and bred them for a storage thing, they were stored in 1988 and cracked again last year. I bred them with a large selection and now have a female in an organic SIP at about 3 weeks flower. she is very traditonal looking and has that amazing scent that takes me back in time...I call it "Afghan 88"

    if you guys are interested I could make a short vid tonight and pop it up in here this weekend.:wave:
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  18. Subbed. Nice plants they look real healthy .:smoke:.
  19. I'm glad you showed up Guerilla 45. It sounds like you have the kind of experience I want to hear about.

    I'd love to see a video of your Afghini grow!
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  20. How were those seeds stored that they were still viable after about 25 years?

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