Orien's 1st Grow: DWC/Wappa & Burmese/1000w/Botanicare

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  1. Room: 7'x6'x7.5' (wrapped in Mylar)
    Light: 1000w / ReVolt Digital ballast
    Ventilation: Vortex fan for light/booster fan for environment
    Nutes: Botanicare...Pure Blend Pro Grow/Bloom, CAL-MAG, Liquid Karma & Aqua Shield...will probably grab a bottle of Raw Sweet when I flower

    System: 4 - 5G bucket/27G Reservoir DWC (BUDSLiNGER's design)
    PH: 6.0
    Room Temp: 73
    Water temp:

    Clone strains: (1)Wappa & (3)Burmese (11days old when I received)

    PH: 6.0
    Room Temp: 75.5
    Water temp:
    Was a little rough getting the clones out of the soil cleaned and into the pots with minimal damage. I think Bermese # 3 sustained some root damage and is looking pretty wilted (even more than what is in the picture) after 24hours. But the Wappa and the other two Bermese perked up after about 12hours in their new homes. I will probably top both Bermese #1 & #3 (once it's looks a bet better) to bush um and bring them down to be a similar size to the others. Also running the ballast at 75% to take it easy on them for a little bit.

    There was a little bit of leaf curl and yellowing so I was thinking of waiting a little bit to add the first batch of nutes and just give'um good'ol H2O for the time being.

    Any and all constructive criticism, helpful advice and a good'ol kick in the ass is great appreciated!

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    PH: 5.8
    Room Temp: 70
    Water temp:

    This morning when I checked on the ladies the Burmese #3 that was wilted and sag'n at the end of yesterday's light cycle looked perky & perfect this morning.
    Burmese #2 is still a little yellow (I expect that will take some time to clear up).

    I added 1/4 strength nutes this morning...
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    PH: 6.1
    Room Temp High: 73.3
    Room Temp Low: 67.1
    Water temp: 67.8
    Humidity High: 33%
    Humidity Low: 30%

    This morning when I checked on the ladies the Burmese #3 is seeming to be coming out of the transplant better and better each day, still a little droopy, but looking better than the previous days. Burmese #2 is still a little yellow, maybe more yellow...has me a bit concerned as she was the runt and seeming to be having the hardest time of the group going through the transplant from soil to hydrotron/buckets.:confused:

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  4. Do you play classical music to your plants?
  5. lol, yeah I do, sometimes Celtic music as well. Not sure if it is help'n at all as they have transplant shock (or at least I think so). Transplanting from soil to hydro was a bitch...lesson learned though, next grow will grab smaller clones that are just in rockwool. Hopefully they will pull out of it by the end of this week.

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