Orgasms while you sleep!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by sensimil, Nov 22, 2002.

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  1. this just happen to cross my mind...Arent they great?! having an orgasm while youre sleeping...! I love it! so you guys ever have one? I highly suggest it.
  2. i\'ve been woken up with a playful girlfriend before, is that what you mean?
  3. Im talking like actaully having an orgasm while you sleep. like dreaming, right and I guess your mind and its wonderful powers and maybe a little movement...and viola! I woke up like what the-! with a big grin on my face..the girl I was with, had one and she old me about it...a few weeks later I did!!! I remember having a dream about me and her you know messing around...and BAM! lol..right in my sleep got the O going for me!
  4. Oh girl....I knew that was what you were talking about!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing quite like it. Like those times when you are alone and you concentrate really hard and have an intense O without even touching yourself!!! I always thought that we girls were just lucky to be able to do that but I know girls who can\'t......I think you just have to be comfy with your sexuality.

    Wow, sensi...I think I need to go to church now....
  5. This happened to me once. I believe it is called the begining of puberty for males. You dang girls have all the luck!

  6. wow...I\'m not the only one....!LOL

    strangley enough I had this such dream about my husband long before we ever started dating...back when we hated each other (long story)

    I remember waking up and thinking, hmmm....I hate this guy, but damn he\'s good in bed!...and going back to sleep...

    its not every day you get to marry the man of your dreams ;)
  7. awwwwww!!! thats awesome!
    that so reminds me of the girl I was with..before we got together she had a dream about wasnt all that sexual but, I had kissed her right behind her ear, on that sensitive part of her neck..she never told me about it until after we were together for a while. well I kissed her there a lot. she finally told me about her dream and I couldnt believe it! I told her in disbelief that that was my favorite spot to kiss her. toooo wierd.
  8. It\'s called a \'wet dream\'
  9. i have had a few dreams like that...and they are wet dreams...full action...and then bam...and you wake up going...what the fuck was that? did that really happen? lmfao...and then its usually...omg and i did him/her???? oh jeez....


    as for the concentrating hard and cumming with out you have an instructional video for that...i want to learn how...hehe

    and while we are on the subject anyone else have a clit that\'s kind of an know...
    \"you must unrrrraaaavel the flowerrrrr...\"


    this is a topic of discussion with my gf\'s...innies and outties and who has better sex...i think it goes to the outties...but the grass is always greener and all that...hehe

  10. Orgasms while you are sleeping are indeed a truly wonderful thing!!!!!! I think its time for me to go to bed and see if I can have a naugty experience!!!!!!! LOL
  11. Innie..... lol

  12. know....the little man sits way low in the boat...


  13. *scratches head*..

    *picks up bong*

    *bubble bubble bubble*

    ......all is well.....
  14. i wish i was a chick.... i hate being a guy... girlies have all the fun, thinking about it makes me want to kill myself sometimes..... errr oh well.

  15. lol.

    yeah it is kinda fun being a girl.

    and even funner ;) liking girls.

  16. namron say..

    man sit low in boat,
    lick harder

  17. being a girl is great...personally...i love it...and liking girls...shiiiiiiiiiit....everyone should try that at least once...

    i wouldn\'t wanna be a man...if i had a cock...i would never leave the house...
    i would love to know how it feels to be inside a girl...mmm

  18. sensimil are u seriously trying to tell us that wet dreams are a good thing????


    your not conscious to experience it and when u wake up you\'re all wet... how can this be good?
  19. wtf?

    your not conscious to experience it and when u wake up you\'re all wet... how can this be good? [/B][/QUOTE]

    sounds like a good party to me?
  20. digit! I mean Im thinking about this girl who I am in love with and when she said to me on the phone that night, \"sweet dreams\"..well it just blew my mind that, so I did! about her! yes indeed they are a great thing! I couldnt keep the grin off my face for a few days after until I saw her again and blushed when I told her! she was all excited after dream came true!
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