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    Sex with my wife feels so empty now
  2. some chicks get off easier than others. you could ask your wife if there is anything you could do differently i guess. those vibrating cock rings are cool cause its your wiener + vibration lol
  3. First,If you two plan on staying married and fixing your problems then no more cheating.
    Second. This happens with couples that been together for along period. It's called losing interest because there is no more thrill.
    Third,you guys need to be on the same page mentally. Forget about the people y'all fuvked outside the marriage. They will only complicate things more. Then that would lead to forcing the issue. That's the last thing you want.
    Fourth, it's time to get nasty. Turn each other out. If you guys cheated on one another that means you like the trill and the feeling of being bad. that a start.
    And yes your pretty Little wife enjoys being slutty. I'm sure only during sex lol. Get your ass in that room and treat her like a slut. Grab her by her neck and use what she did to turn her on. She will most likely be turned on instantly because she feels you accepted what she did and you are moving on.

    I can continue and be more graphic if you like. I would be able to make myself more clear in what I'm saying
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  4. Thing is that she can not give her self an orgasm by hand also, i always thinking I was doing something wrong but now i know its not the case she also prefers when comming with vibrator i leave the room so she gets off more easily
  5. Also, if you plan on staying
    With all do respect she has been that way and you didn't notice at first. Because she loves you she probably hid the fact the it's takes a lot for her to cum. Now she is needing that one big thrill. Trust me brother she doesn't want to use the vibrator. She wants to get nastier.
  6. Also my mistress told me she needed few hours with other guys with me she has an orgasm within 5 minutes is extremely sensitive and wett btw she is 17 years younger then my wife
  7. I would imagine no wife wants to come out and say, look hun I want like to you but I'm really freaking nasty. That's why she cheated. And if you are not the best that she ever had,she will unconsciously look for you to recreate those moments.
  8. Is she white by chance?
  9. And how old is your wife?
  10. And because of this we are sexually addicted to each other the sex is so fucking good
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    She is55
  12. No she is not white but mu wife is some of my friends told me this makes the differance
  13. 46 is still young so I'm ruling out age issues. Is your mistress freaky?
    Also I wife is sitting next to me. She said just because you can perform good doesn't mean your what she wants all the time. She said if you have to leave the room for her to get off easier this could probably means that she fantasies about other men
  14. She needs to be honest with you brother so that you can help her properly. U guys really need to talk strictly about y'all sex life. But y'all have to be open minded
  15. What you mean with freaky? Thing is that i am not feeling a real man seeing she gets off faster when i am not arround

    My mistress real needs me to get off so its completely the opposite world
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  16. My wife also says that your mistress is may be lying to you for her own benefit. Like most women. But she can't accurately judge the situation because we are not there. She said how can you satisfy your mistress and not your wife. She says either you are not really satisfying either woman or your wife isn't satisfied fucking you. Does your mistress love u or is it friends with benefits
  17. She loves me and i know she is not playing because i feel her come when i am inside her also she did not come in the first months with me
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    Btw i am 44 years with my wife and she had her first vibrator orgasm 8 years ago i always liked to watch her comming but now i see i missed a lot in my life in terms of sex and only want the real thing
  19. I totally understand. Not every one is that freaky lol.
    Look,I don't think it's you either To be honest. Your wife cheated first. This proves my point about what she not getting sexually. Your sex is good for the mistress but that doesn't mean its still good for the wife.
    Also you mistress is young so your likely to perform better with her. Not to mention you haven't been married to her the last 100 years like you and your wife
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