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  1. okay so 1st post on gc :) and i want to grow completely organic indoors in a buddies attic so hears what i need to know

    organic soil recipe ( shit i can easily find and tell me where to get it )

    organic liquid ferts ( other than liquid seaweed cuz im already doing that ) like organic tea
    also any1 ever grown swazi red ? or smoked it ?:smoking:
  2. Dont grow in your buddies attic, grow in your own house and never let anyone know.

  3. ok but tell me what i need 2 no
  4. I have smoked swazi before its good weed, it has a strong odor. Sorry I dont remember how it made me feel. I remember not caring for the taste much, I personally prefare strains like orginal blueberry,mother ship etc.

    I doubt in the organic section people are going to tell you how to get started. You need to do a lot of research on this section and others. I researched for ten months before i started. Again growing in your budies attic is a bad idea. One its not your house so you dont have control over the plant. Attics get very cold and hot so trying to control the temps will be very difficult. As a whole your idea isnt very solid.
  5. yeah ik bro but he would help out that is if we did it
  6. well to start off we cant tell you everything you need to know, you need to read, learn, and make your own decisions. There are litterally hundreds of posts pertaining to diffrent information that is both informative and usefull. And even after you read all those posts trial and error is your best way to learn something

    i wouldnt recommend growing in anyones house that isnt your own, you could get screwed real fast.
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    For soil, try these:

    An organic soil mix of mine

    Organics for Beginners

    For teas, the first post in this forum has a lot of good info on compost teas. Any good hydrolyzed fish fertilizer is a bonus to your seaweed ferts.

    The liquid fish is also a good addition to flowering teas. Try not to use emulsions. They are heat processed.

    Any other questions, post them here.

  8. okay i may not have been clear so here it goes im not some village idiot ive reseached for 2 months ive been reading shit on gc imag and many other sites so i know some shit but the 2 thinks a was unsure of is an exact soil recipe and more ferts than just sea weed
    also its not like im growing in some strangers attic hes my good friend and his dad is cool with it and regarding temps we are going to have that covered so dont be all negative but i get that your just trying to help so im not dising you just trying clarify so im not trying to be an ass

    peace , love , and pot:smoking:

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