Organics Nutrients for Hydroponics ?

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  1. Good Evening City

    I'm currently use synthetic fertilizer. I've been hearing a lot hype about organics and their taste for final products. I'm a DWC & Coco Coir Grower, however I'm looking for some basic organics nutrients for HYDROPONICS, if there is out there. I'm not looking for nothing fancy, just some basic organics nutrients to use with DWC.

  2. Bump or I should not try Organics for Hydroponics ?
  3. Gh makes an organic fert for hydro, i believe its floranova maybe, don't quote me on it, but I'm also looking into organic hydro after my 2 gallons of nutes i have are gone.
  4. How organic are you trying to go, plz look into yellow bottles just check em out before you turn your head to them

  5. Just like state in the original post. Some base organics nutrients for hydroponics. I would like to try the Organic Side of Growing.

    Right now I know about IGUANA JUICE, however is kind of pricey to just experiment with it.

    How much the yellow bottle cost ?

  6. I think floranova is pretty much the lucas formula, pre-mixed. i could be wrong !
  7. I feel you, it is def kinda pricey.only the main base a and b for grow and flower weren't too bad but some of their additives can be 125 bucks a liter. I picked it to use sinething different uncommon if you will ,most people I know personally or see online use AN,botanicare,fix farm.

  8. IMHO going organic means life cultures and soil... i've yet to see anyone truely be organic and have a hydro grow...

    no wait... one guy... he uses fish poop as a fertilizer... it was a while ago and its pretty far out there... but 1 guy, thats all ive ever seen

    Im kinda tired of the shameless promotion of the yellow bottles.... someone gave you some freebies and now the plugs are abundant... no one except you uses them... im all down for things that work and new products, but your plants are yellow just like your nutes... not something to brag about so hard with 15 threads going at the same time...

    anyway... organics really are the way to go if your looking for heath reasons or plants that taste better... but you really have to go to soil and composting and worm bins and all that jaz... its work in the beginning because you have to compost your soil for a while and get your worms growing for about two months before use... then life becomes a rhythm and you never worry about burning plants or PH issues... the soil does all the work... you just add water and the occasional tea... but it's a complete 360 degree turn from hydro and more involved than soil, but the benefits far outweigh the work that has to be done

    I hope one day to go organic, but i really don't have the space for worm bins and I don't eat enough food for composting....

    good luck... if you do find some way to go organic please post up with a journal and shoot me a PM... i'd love to sub...
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    Well my friend lets start by saying i didn't get any free samples of anything. I did alot of damn reading alot of reading then took a chance n bought their product. Ive seen a few posters on here ask if anybody is running em looking for info on the product.No one spoke so now im yelling offering another option of nutes. I don't get free Shyt I don't get money off when I order. Next they are made from other plant matter according to product description.they have a fish fertilizer made from kelp and fish emulsion so that sounds pretty organic to me

    Def from wikipedia:Fish emulsion is a fertilizer emulsion that is produced from the fluid remains of fish processed for fish oil and fish meal industrially.

    Lastly I have literally 2 threads about them in which 1 is my grow journal. If someone ask about a nute suggestion cuz they looking around I see no problem chimming in last but not least


    Where's the yellow at guy?wheres the nute def buddy? They look great like all my other GC buddies.Stop whinin just skip past the thread like everyone else if u don't like yellow bottles
  10. im not your friend... and your plants look better now, ill give you that... no reason to get your panties in a bunch... im just tired of the shameless promotion going on... I see you yelling, and so do others.. let your journal speak for itself... Im just wondering why you never actually quote prices... since you purchase them so much, is one half grow really worth the promotion? what happens if your grow tanks...

    have fish emulsion and kelp does not make it organic... pretty sure AN has the same stuff... i've tried skipping over your promos, but now your just going "try it, try it, try it" why? you just say its awesome... is there any reason your saying to try "yellow bottles" a gut feeling? any pics of your old grows to show that "yellow bottles" are better? why don't you start a journal that specifically shows how to use it and what works for you... maybe throw up a signature with a link to it...

    ill hang on every word... and ill gladly say i put my foot in my mouth... but to me, im still sticking with you got freebies or some sort of kickback or you know the guy who distributes "yellow bottles" ... no one does promotion like this for no reason...your lack of proof is doing you a disservice
  11. ^and thats why tihspeed is the man. I'd give you rep but can't on the mobile app.
  12. hey, thanks man... but im not seriously looking to pick a fight.. the OP is looking for something specific and "yellow bottles" are not the answer he wants/needs... having two ingredients that are organic does not make the product organic... like, having mountain dew add real sugar does not make it healthy.... actually saying try adding mountain dew to your diet would make you look like a tard...

    all im asking for is proof... not pics of green plants you have now, i need comparisons... and why is "going yellow" organic... thats all...

    I can specifically show why what I do works for me... and my growth pictures are there to back it up... im asking for nothing more than I could provide...
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    I promise you I don't , I don't know anybody I wasn't promoting anything. I stated what I found n liked for other inquiring minds.all people who asked what nutes are come you haven't slammed the op's of the countless advanced nutrient threads m lucas people.Maybe cuz it's just me n I'm the sole user. but I can let the journal speak.I would put receipts but I'm not in a legal state so prolly not a good idea.I would give websites I order from but against the rules I'll be happy to pm them to you for your research. I use 2 but I found a dealer few hrs away from where I live

    If you viewed my yellow bottles journal you would see also that I'm only on my 2nd grow so I don't have pics to compare with only the old yellow botanicare photos you mentioned

    The yellow plants I had were testers using BOTANICARE not the yellow bottles
  14. Guy that's not what I was telling original poster I was telling him to check them out just a mere suggestion. He can do his research and make a solid decision just as I had to and I'm sure we'll I hope you researched what your feed is as well
    N come on man obviously it's a whole line of products with explanation of what each one consist of and what it's purpose is

    I nvr said it was the best or not wholesome or most organic lmao
  15. yeah... don't post receipts... that's not a good idea... does your local store(if you don't mind posting that info) have a site? I found this one.... here how close are these prices to what your getting? I've spoken to many hydro store owners... and I tend to agree... all nutrients are pretty much the same.. its finding a brand that works for you the way your using it...

    the info that those yellow pictures were using botanicare products makes me understand why your so in love with yellow, and so would I... I look forward to finding your journal and subbing

    thanks for the providing the proof that i asked for.... I will now read every word you have since you took my nasty words and didn't shy away from responses and didn't verbally attempt to bash me... I say keep up the promotion... ill look forward to it seeing that your only helping people in the way you know how... maybe the company can explode and be well known with the proof you simply provided... I'd start my journal with that if i were you... the proof is in the pudding

    keep it up man...
  16. Yessir those do match pretty close, some retailers I spoke with said it doesn't even move off the shelf so they weren't gonna be restocking. Here locally NOBODY has even heard of it.we have 3 different retail hydro shops each with about 2-3 different locations and no one is aware it I wouldn't bash you I'm here to learn n pay homage be humble n give back to comm.from the actual website u can find a dealer locator I swear there's only 3 within 250 miles of western new York. Smoke smoke thank u for being open minded n hearing me out.
  17. Absolutely awesome place to be a member
  18. agree.... you had to know the questions would be happening at some point.... i figured this was as good as place as any...

    sorry OP I got a little side tracked... hope we didn't de-rail it too much...

    like previously posted, if you figure out a way to go all organic please shoot me a PM:cool:
  19. General Hydroponics has a line called General to be certified.

    Fox Farms can also be used in hydroponics, I havent tried cuz it's chunky. Sledgehammer flush is AWESOME though, If like me you get it as a karma reward, otherwise it's pricey.

    As far as nute giant AN goes... I don't know but I would imagine by now you could put together a custom feed schedule with 'orgainc' AN stuff....

    There are also others, many SUPER pricey, most often untested.

    My point is there are "organic" ways to do hydro......Head over to your LHS and pick some brains...If they don't have any to pick, spend some time at AN's, Botanicare's, GH's, web-sites.

    But taste this "food for thought"....if you use RO water and add Cal+Mg to your is NOT organic any more.

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