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Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by mosesnumb, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Thanks for the info brother ... the cut surface of the bodules was root color and white a bit variegated.... didnt look like N fixing nodules

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    The Docs TriStrain adventure: (White Widow, Bubblelicious and Amnesia) Waterfarmed and SCROGed
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  2. As always, I’m on my way over!
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  3. Clover too!
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  4. Screenshot_20180112-111537.png spring here we come
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  5. [​IMG]

    Got my geo bins and cleaned up some of the mess. One is full of compost and the other is old raised bed soil that was full of squash bugs and slugs. Both were full of worms and will be ran through the worm bins before use.

    I bought 3 so I can have one to start in, one to turn into and the 3rd will be to finish in and store til use.

    I now have plenty of feed, just need to build that flow thru bin I've been talkin about for the last 2 years lol.

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  6. I do the same thing using many bins. "Forking" from one bin to an empty one is the ticket. The quality of my compost has gone up leaps and bounds since I started doing that. Its the easiest most efficient way to get whats on the top to the bottom and vice versa. I try to keep a bin with some shredded leaves handy, that I can add as I'm forking, in case I find some 'green rich" pockets. I also put a pallet under mine to lift it up off the ground for when the spring melt comes and floods things a bit.
    I use something similar to the fencing that is in the back ground for making bins. I just wire together 2 ends and have an instant circular bin. Its real wet here so I have no issues with stuff blowing away. I can see where those geo bins would be great for a drier climate.
    Very Nice!
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  7. I used that fence around my fruit trees when I planted them last spring to keep my dog from chewing them. I thought about using it but I was watching a One Yard Revolution video and my wife liked the look of them so we ordered them because as I have said before, she likes things to look neat and tidy and my pile in the first pic was drivin her crazy LOL.
    We do usually get alot of rain fall thru spring but it's been dryer than normal so far. I'm on a slope so not worried about raising them up but I thought about getting tarps to cover the tops.
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  8. Finaly found a good source of rock dust near me that ships for free! BrixBlend Basalt 40# may have to take a road trip tho and check this place out.
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  9. When I ordered they were out of the brixblend mix and I had to get the house mix...Defintely Seems nice, but haven't put a plant into it yet!

    Might have to get some brixblend since it's back in stock! Thanks for the heads up Jay!
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  10. No problem man! I can't wait to see this stuff I just ordered the brixblend but plan on visiting this place once winter is over see what deals I can get on a pickup-truck load
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  11. Howdy from the garden!
    Less than a month left on these gals and they are looking just dandy!
    The smell is outrageous. I can’t let anyone in my house until I chop em lol
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  12. So I’m running some seedlings of TOxVR back crossed with “The One”

    Anyone else here had the opportunity to grow this particular cross or a cut of LD’s “The One”?
    Wondering which traits I should be looking for in these seeds.
    I’m pretty sure @Chunk had TO or am I incorrect?
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  13. You're correct. I currently have TO and TOxVR growing. My TOxVR is not the back cross and is known as the "Agnes Cut" after LD's dog.




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  14. Those look amazing.
    I heard Jim say that he would let it go 12 weeks and it would really just knock you on your ass.
    Would you say the same for the TOxVR?
    I’ve never had a chance to run any of his strains before and am very excited and curious!
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  15. #37677 Chunk, Jan 16, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2018
    He let the TO go until the trichs turned root beer brown and claimed that it was too strong for him and his wife. I've never let it go that long........probably 10 weeks tops. As for the Agnes Cut, I took it down at 10 weeks and it is strong. The unique trait on the Agnes cut that I like is that it stays controllable in growth habit.

    VR crosses can easily outgrow an indoor grow room and need a lot of training to keep controlled. The Agnes pheno is well suited for indoors and quite a decent yielder. I got over 8 ozs of of 1 plant under a 315w CMH.
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  16. Damn that looks killer!
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  17. @Iammelchior

    Here's a VR grown in Hawaii by "surfbiter" that did the breeding of Coot's most recent TOxVR crosses including Agnes and "Enso". Credit to Koolkush in Southern Oregon for the selection process.

    You can see the what I mean about trying to keep them tame indoors.

    Velvet Rush.jpg
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    I started 6 seedlings and they just about to show sex. 2 of them have shown female, the others haven’t yet. But one of the females does have the more slender leaves and longer petioles than the rest. I’ll keep an eye on her.
    The growth is incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it, the sidebranching is phenomenal and all of them are stacking nodes very close. Meristem is extremely thick considering their short stature. I’m very much looking forward to see how these all turn out, maybe I’ll find a gem to keep with me for years!
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