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  1. Holy shit, someone with an educated, fact based opinion. Thank you greatly sir/madam :hello:
  2. lol...With all the response of people trying to help, you should have enough information to do the experimenting....;)
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    Sorry too many people gave you the same right answer. Next time we'll all try to argue and tell you 5 variations of the wrong way to do it. Is that better?
    I'd rather "regurgitate" Jerry's good info.... FYI you got at least 4 different suggestions.

    1) lime
    2) kelp
    4) 1/2 tap water and 1/2 RO water.

    Those are all great organic solutions to your problem. I'm not sure why you are complain about not getting good enough help. Those aren't new original ideas. They are the tried and true ways that really work. Well besides that 1/2 and 1/2 water. That's pretty original. And still you aren't happy?
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    I got Jerry in my ears and ITG on my mind. Aint no regurgitatin'.
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    So you switched to RO water, but was the deficiency gone before you made that switch? If not, then RO water is probably not the culprit. I've used RO water exclusively for my current run and haven't had any deficiencies up to this point (16-17 weeks).

    I'm going to second everyone on the kelp meal, but even that might not be able to fix a soil that is nutritionally deficient in the first place. Your ca-mg supplements will work, but I can't consider them to be truly organic. Your best bet is to take another look at your soil mix and find out what is missing for next run. I'm not saying give up on this one, as there are still viable alternatives (epsom salts, maybe even a kelp/alfalfa tea, or perhaps one of BioAgs humic or fulvic products with micronutrient properties) but you're main goal should be to have everything the plant needs already in the mix so you don't run into problems such as this.

    I encountered a similar problem with water that was high in Ca- it locked out Mg and I was forced to transplant into a fresh batch of soil. That did the trick for me.

    As far as regurgitating goes, people here are sharing what they know from practice. New ideas take time to experiment with and prove. Therefore, I don't advise people to do something I've never done myself.

  6. I have both and use both.

    The thing with dolomite is too much Mg in SOILS that have enough Mg already and it leads to an excess.

    This is in soil gardens, ie: in the ground in real dirt.

    People then tend to think the same applies to soiless mixes in containers. It doesn't, since it is continually getting leached out of the mix with waterings. You don't get that buildup of Mg and the mix doesn't have any in it to begin with like some native soils.

    In my 'soil' gardens, I use dolomite for the initial liming (new bed) and calcitic if more is needed during the season. Tomatoes suck up Ca and frequently need more a few months in.

    In my containers with my mix, it is almost always dolomite and I've never noticed a problem yet and I've been reusing my mix for many years.

    Plus, dolomite is ~$4 for a 40lb bag and calcitic is ~$15 for the same size bag.


  7. I'm beginning to see problems with my RO water...still getting a magnesium/cal deficiency because theres none present now and I'm not adding cal/mag to supplement.

    I personally doubt you even have a cal/mag deficiency.

    You say you have this deficiency "because there's none present now" (since you switched to RO water. I don't get it - were you relying on your tap water to provide these items?

    What exactly does your soil consist of that it doesn't contain calcium and magnesium?

  8. In a chemical grow I can understand one or, the other, cal/mag getting locked out by excess over use of either or, due to a ph imbalance...

    Because of the nature involved in the organic way the plant uptakes nutrients, the plant will take in nutrients/minerals when it needs it, so thinking the extra cal/mag would not hurt the plant.

    I do agree that the deficiency is most likely because of the absence of the mineral(lime,oyster,gypsum etc)in the soil or, improper ph caused by low humus content and/or quality etc....

    It definitely sounds like it's in the soil mix and the only way to put the mineral in the soil is by inoculation(drench) or, transplanting to a more balanced soil....

    This may not even be a cal/mag issue and the culprit lies somewhere else or, is going through normal growing pains...
    A lot of deficiencies can replicate each other and look like a cal deficiency.

    I've grown plants in the past that looked like they were cal/mag deficient but, just kept on producing as normal.This is especially true between strains were the requirements are greater or lesser...

    When it comes to a bottle of cal/mag supplement I would always go with an all natural approach.
    My theory on the bottles are that even though they are stated as organic the process or,what was used to get them to a concentrate form may not have been...

    I think a top dressing by steeping and applying kelp as a drench sounds most logical in more ways than one...
  9. I think a top dressing by steeping and applying kelp as a drench sounds most logical in more ways than one...


    If any gardener constructs a soil containing the various items advocated on these cannabis forums, or any of the gardening forums, the usual sphagnum peat, kelp, alfalfa, neem - blah blah blah; and uses quality compost/vermicompost humus component then deficiencies and lockouts are virtually impossible. Impossible.

    This said, after speaking with a friend about this as well, the combination of Domite Lime and Epsom salts is "a combination that will lock out any number of elements - guaranteed".


  10. True dat!!!! ^^^^^^^^^

    You will need it with calcitic lime though or oyster shell or any other nearly pure Ca source.

    I have had to add some epsom salts to some FRESH mix at the very beginning because the Mg in the dolo is slow to release. Never in recycled mix and never more than once in the fresh mix. This was the first couple of weeks with bell peppers in the mix.

    I seldom use fresh mix with mj. Only if I have to.


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