Organicare Pure Granular + Pure Blend Pro?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Pro Tools, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Would it be ok to add Organicare pure granular to a soil mix (pro mix/ocean forest/worm castings/perlite), along with adding Pure Blend Pro to water and feeding? or would that be too many nutes?

  2. While I might not (wouldn't, but the only reason being is that I don't go to The Grow Store anymore) I don't see any reason why it would hurt anything and if anything would probably help. I just looked up the Organicare Pure Blend and it appears to be a basic blended nutrient mix probably similar to the Epsoma Plant/Tomato/Garden Tone fertilizers.

    I believe that this is a pellet type fertilizer? If so, mix a cup or two (MAX) into every cubic foot (7.5 gallons) of your soil. Find yourself some REAL vermicompost - not the hydro store shit; mix a bunch in, add plenty of aeration and set it aside for a month before use.

    I have no doubt it will work out fine.


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