organically overboard?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gonnagrow, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Have been studying hard on the organic growing methods and soil preparation and found some great stuff . . . I think.

    1) Starting with high quality potting soil (no given npk ratio - contains quality peat, peat and shrimp, compost, perlite and lime)

    2) All organic super concoction (npk 4-6-6, contains manure, crab meal, cocoa meal, bone meal, cottonseed meal, dried blood, sunflower meal, kelp, greensand, rock sulfate, sulfate of potash and triple super phosphate) from the label seems to carry lots of trace nutrients.

    3) Composted cow manure (no given npk ratio) I also chose the stuff *without* humus as it all contained wood chips etc. and I plan to add perlite/vermiculite to make the mix more airy if need be.

    4) Blood meal (npk 12-0-0, will cut this slightly as the super mix already has blood meal)

    5) Bone meal (npk 5-12-0, will cut this also as super mix has dried blood)

    6) Perlite/Vermiculite as needed.

    7) Flowering guano (npk 0.5-35-0.1, was planning on adding to soil initially but may use only for flowering as a tea)

    8) Vegetative guano (npk 13-1.5-3, plan on adding to soil initally but may use for veg as a tea also)

    9) Super-thrive (for regular waterings)

    Am I going overboard? LOL It is all natural stuff which is great but I don't want to burn anything up either. To be honest my girl has been looking good using the crappy time release potting soil I bought when I had no idea it was crap.

    The manure is also not dehydrated, will that be a problem? I'm planning on composting this whole mix for 2 weeks at least before use, but don't know the benefits/detriments of manure not dehydrated.

    As I said, my girl looks good at the moment and I have used *no* ferts whatsoever as of yet. I'm assuming she will need help when I start flowering her though. Am planning on transplanting her in the above concoction before flowering (she's in kind of a little pot now - one gallon or so)

    Any help comments are greatly appreciated and thanks all in advance. Should have more pics up tomorrow as well.

  2. It sounds to me like you might be going overboard, especially on the Nitrogen. All the things containing manure are extremely high in N.

    I would highly suggest using 2 at full, 4 at half, and 9 on a semi-regular basis for veg. I don't use superthrive, personally, but I've heard some incredible things about it. Flowering, 5 on full and 7 at 1/4 or 1/2 should be fine.

    Just remember, while using all of these, keep an EXTREMELY close eye on your babies. At the first sign of nute burn, flush them well. There are a lot of nutes in all of those, especially the flowering guano.

    Hope everything goes well.


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