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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by andyorbit, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Hello Everyone, I'd like to start growing mainly because the bud I see recently has either been handled impatiantly by dealers or has been laced with PCP and other nasty substances. After doing a bit of homework it seems to me that the easiest method for growing is hydroponics, however Im a bit of a naturlist and believe the high would be more positive (maybe not stronger) if I go the natural route.

    I read some interesting articles comparing the radioactive content of cannabis when using non-organic fertilizers like miricle grow, it appears that natural ferts are healthier (like those based on seaweed), they may not grow as fast or large but then Im purely interested in good quality natural smoke.

    After thinking on this a while it struck me that cannabis grown under intense light is probably not very natural either and may add to radioactive content in the plant but I have no choice on this one, I have to grow inside.

    1) Can anyone reccommend some good natural fertilisers and soils ? And tell me the ratios to mix for the different stages of growth please ?

    2) Does anyone concider hydroponics grown with coconut instead of rockwool, and using natural food suppliments for them to be oraganic ?

    3) What's a good hybrid for someone like me, Im not interested in growing for commercial ... someone recomended "big bud" for ease but to me it looked good for dealers wanting large amounts of bud (not me)

    Thanks everyone in advance for your advice :)
  2. tests conducted on fertilisers..

    personally I think you get more radiation from your moniter or mobile phone or any amount of other modern day lifestyle appliances... but like I say.. I'd like to try to keep it as natural as possible and see how it smokes.
  3. HIGH All, right on andyorbit....doesn't matter how you grow just as long your having fun doing it.

    Bubble Buckets for me...if some of you *LOL* didn't know.
  4. HIGH All, here this is the man that got me into Bubble Buckets in 91'
  5. Looks pretty good :) Think I need my setup to be a little more descrete tho. I'll try the coconut fiber first and see how it goes

    Cheers for the tip
  6. hey.... im actually growing chili peppers in soil and hydroponics while i wait to get seeds... i hav and ebb and flow and it works great.... its on a timer so all i hav to do is change the water about every couple weeks and add the ferts...the guy that i got the setup from gave me the seeds so i thought id try it out... ill post a pic of my setup a little later cuz my cam at my friends.......
  7. Yep I'd like to see the eb n slow system, havent researched them yet ... is it hard to seup ?

    Pics most welcome :)
  8. yea its a pretty easy to set up and not much work along the way except changing the water and the system i got has 8 5"x5" pots and came with everything u need including ph tester and ph up and down.... i cant post a pic cuz it says the picture size is too large does anyone know how to make it smaller?.....
  9. Im guessing its a bmp if its too big ... load it in photoshop or any other image software and then save it as a JPG/jpeg
    if it's already a jpg load it up in any photo editing softare and crop it, that is to say drag a box around the part that counts, select copy and then paste that into a black canvas and save that (as jpg).

    Where did you buy it from, and whats it called ?
    im looking at some kit now but it costs loads, Im going on budget and only really can afford to spend the extra on a good light.

    Check this ...

    It says it senses when it's getting dry and auto sprinkles... crazy eh ? not sure if I would trust a darling plant with AI tho.
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  11. Let me see if I can figure this out, tank with pots in it.. the timer sets off a pump to overflow water/food into the pots, which then drain back into the bottom tank ?

    Is that about right ? If so I might be able to make a cheap copy of it, abeit probably not as good.

    Cheers for sharing
  12. yeap thats it.... i have the timer running at 30 minute intervals 3 times a day.... i was planning on making my own but i chose to do the lazy way....

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