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  1. Hi there so I've done a couple grows with bottled nutes , only one was truly successful. I'm not the best at managing ph and feeding . I'm not lazy I just somehow seem to mess it up a lot lol . Anyways , planning my next grow and I'm just trying to decide if I should try organic or keep at the bottled nutes . Looking for some pros/ cons ( other than some of the obvious like no managing ph with organic and no flush .)
  2. Without a doubt drop the bottles and mix your own soil and you'll find life and your plants a lot happier! With bottled nutrients it's always fighting nutrient issues and pH issues and other issues, with a good organic soil mix it with water only maybe some teas and top dressing if you want - much much much easier on you and better results, that's a combination hard to beat.

    Since I made the switch I have never worked less on growing and I've never had better results
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  3. There are some well qualified folks here to help and the pdf thread listed above is loaded with good info as well. I’m new to trying to be completely organic and it seems like a lot to take in but so is indoor hydro. You’ll do well.:weed:
  4. In my experience the best route to take is an organic live soil that is mixed properly. All you have to do is water ! Bottled nutes arent bad if you have it down, but alot more room for error and more work for you. I have mixed my own live soil and I have also used some purple cow organic soil. 100% organic is the way to go!
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  5. Pros:
    It's easy you just mix up some soil following a recipe
    Very low running cost.
    Soil can be reused and only gets better with time
    Healthier plants more resistant to pest and disease
    Very little work after initial soil mixing.
    better quality medicine

    Initial cost of buying materials. But considering you reuse the soil and can use leftovers to reammend and for top dressing, the long term cost is very low.
    You might not be able to get massive yields like in hydro cause you're not force feeding the plants with organics, but the gain in quality makes up for that tenfold. (You still can get very good yield dont get me wrong, just not pushing it like you can in hydro.)
    Oh get bored cause there is so little to do!

    If you want to go organic i suggest you follow the path layed out in the no-till thread. Copy the soil recipe and watering inputs and you'll be growing organic buds in no-time. Il'l also add a link to a compilation of notes I made on various common topics you might want to take a look at.

    No-Till Gardening: Revisited
    All Organic Recipes and Notes Compilation
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  6. Holy that's a lot of info attached there , I thank you for that . So basically I make a soil mix , allow the microorganisms to do their thing ,top dress every once and a while ? water with plain water and sometimes tea? I've definitely got a lot more reading to do tho lol.
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  7. yep, basically that's it.
    you put in the effort to mix up a 1st class soil mix and your work is almost 80% done for your grow in advance. :)
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  8. Top dressing would be adding more amendments to the top of the soil to allow them to break down right ? Also I've read you should let it sit for a month to start the microbiome , could I start my seedling in this perhaps only after a week of "cooking" as the person called it ?
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  9. yes, exactly correct on the topdressing. you are not topdressing really for "now" but for a month or two from "now".

    depending on what you put in the ix you may be able to start immediately. anything heavy on nitrogen may make it a bit too hot at first, such as if you mixed in alfalfa meal. if you stuck to a basic recipe good chance you start when you want.
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  10. You just mix a seedling mix, which is very similar to the regular soil mix base just without most of the amendments.
    There should be the recipe in my notes compilation but you can also check out this thread for good info on making seed mix
    Riffing on GiMiKs Seed Starting mix
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  11. In my opinion the worst in bottle nutes is paying WAY TO MUCH for water. I mean if your going to go hydro just buy salts and mix your own nutes. Then there's the whole plastic problem. TBH i'm way to lazy to grow hydro. I still have to grow hydro every once in a while in the lab and every time i'm amazed at the amount of work involved.
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  12. Thats pretty much it start with high quality compost follow coots recipe and watch them grow.
    Pros/cons of biological gardening:

    Pros: cleaner smoke, improved quality/flavor, improved pest disease resistance, more sustainable/cost effective (reuse soil), learning the process of composting(reduce household waste-my household trash is only plastic and some paper now -doesn’t smell) , learning soil/plant biology, not having to run to the hydro store every week for nutes, less phing, bragging to you’re friends how much better your weed is than theirs, Learning how to be resourceful, better for environment, plants don’t need to be babysat can leave them alone for extended periods of time without worrying, no harsh chemical taste, true traits of plants are expressed, better appreciation of plants and mother nature

    Cons: longer learning curve, higher initial cost, having to beat your friends away with a stick when they realize how good you’re smoke is theyll be all over you.

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  13. Okay so I figure I'll go grab some ingredients. Curious about something though. in your base mix you recommend lava rocks for aeration , you just mean like gumball sized ones ?
  14. 1/4" to 1/2" size should be good. You can also use scoria/pumice if thats more readily available to you.
  15. I have piles of lava rock in the backyard lol . Anyways I'm back from the store (canadain tire and home depot is where I checked out) and I didn't get anything yet . For the peat moss at the places I went to they only had miracle grow , which i wasn't too excited about as I'm pretty sure it's got the slow release fertilizer , so I'm going to check out some other stores for the peat moss another day as they all close at 6 I guess (garden nursery stores are wierd like that) . I wasn't able to find anything else expect for the lime which looked good so I hope there is more at the more specialized garden stores . I did find bone meal but i wasn't sure if that was pretty much the same as crab meal or not so I decided I'd ask here . Any recommendations on where to get all the stuff listed in your base soil mix?
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  16. Korean Natural Farming. It’s the answer to everything. Check it out.

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  17. Nurserys, feed stores, homedepot/lowes, hydrostores. But if you wanna just get em all in one shot theres few sites that have all components the Notill recipe as kit Kis Organics ive gone through and theyre stuff is indorsed by coot so def safe to say its high quality , or you could source them online each individually. If i were you id try to get your hands on the heavy stuff locally:compost, peat,Lime,rockdust, pumice or perlite
    then shop online : neem meal, kelp meal, crabmeal malted barely

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  18. Peat moss: you want Canadian sphagnum peat moss (CSPM)
    You are correct that bone meal and crab meal are not the same. You want crustation (crab/shrimp/lobster) meal which is made from the shells of crustation. Bone meal is made from ground up cattle bones and is completely different.
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    don't know what you have around you but the best places to buy ingredients is to find a local ag feed and seed store. A place the farmers go, NOT the hydro stores the stoners growing go to and pay a fortune for their hydro nutes. If you can't find a good feed/seed store a good hardware store can surprise you. Around here, the True Value hardware stores actually have a good selection of organic stuff and good prices but you probably don't have them. Try to find a good feed/seed store
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