Organic Up and Down options?

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    My next grow is going to be all organic. What’s the best pH up and down options that work well? Can I still just se this or will it hurt the microbes? Thanks.

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  2. lemon juice , baking soda , vinegar but you can just use the bottles i grow mostly organic but have used those bottles
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  3. Citric acid for down. I never have to up…
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  4. What is your ph in your tap ? Anything under 8.5 will be ok with out adjustments . If its living soil idk about the proper soil ph.
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  5. Off topic, but 6.8 is my preference and that's what my tap is.

    Soil is SUPER forgiving tho.
  6. My tap is 7.5. I no longer ph it .. Its fine . I noticed zero difference from 6.5
  7. when i use organics i've noticed my ph will drop really low. so to pervent that, i put limestone in my soil mix . i also use well water with a ph of 7.3 then drops down below 6.0 during flower with organics so that's why i use lime to prevent that.also i use that same cheap ph up and down. i don't think it's healthy for the microbs so i try not to use it unless i really have to
  8. You guys running those higher pH values and getting away with it must not have high bicarbonate levels that often accompany them, especially in the the north west.
    Saying that you don’t need to pH your water should NEVER be considered a one size fits all scenario. It’s gonna be a different story for someone with a different water quality outside of pH.
    A proper water analysis would be a great idea before making hasty decisions :thumbsup:
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  9. not all ph values are created equal, some might have difrent minerals, jm is right you might slide by but not even my veggies can grow in 8.5 ph water. stick with 6.5 and you cant loose , even the soil chart claims that 6.5 is the sweet spot .
    i do get a tickle every time i hear i never check it though, reminds me of huge grow i lost from complacent practice , the know it all syndrom .
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  10. I agree 100% with JMcGD. pH matters in organic mediums. Especially when watering with a source that is high in bicarbonates. I'm recycling all my no-till mediums after 3 cycles. Why? The growing mediums pH will slowly increase in pH and you'll have poor plant growth. Running no-till, we do not stop growing for a day. Plants are harvested and we replant the same day. I'd second citric acid for pH down.
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