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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Kushqt, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Gc,

    I mixed up some soil about a month ago, and it's about ready.

    I have a handful of plants that are ready to be potted up, but a couple of them have been getting bottled "organic" nutes for a month. I'm wondering how much stress it will be for the plant to go from bottled nutes to an organic soil mix with just plain water.

    Any suggestions on some organic tips to reduce stress when transplanting are appreciated.

    Kush :smoke:
  2. There shouldnt be any real stress at all. I think maybe you are over thinking this whole thing. Im sure if you can build a water only mix, and understand to let it cook and alladat shyt you should be good man. You juss need a little faith to know it'll all be alright!
  3. SeanDawg is right. Have a little faith. I've done just what you're talking about several times. You won't see any stress. The only drag is if the root mass is too large it tends to stay in one place in the potted medium. You dont really get the web like root structure as when they grow into the pot.
  4. Kushqt, transplanting a plant causes stress to the plant. Going from one type of soil mix to another could also cause stress. That you let your new soil cycle nutrients should help a great deal. A good top dressing of ewc after the transplants can help too.

    So what I want to convey is, your plants may show some signs of stress, but may not, and even if they do show signs of stress, they will recover nicely in your new soil mix, and as always ewc helps the transition.....MIW
  5. MiW,

    Thanks! I just transplanted two decent sized clones into 1 gallon pots with the new soil. Last night I filled the pots with the soil mix and drenched with plain water. Today when I transplanted I added a little bit more of the soil mix and watered with plain water and a drop of superthrive to help with the stress. That is great to know about the EWC, I want to ask how much to topdress with but I imagine just a handful or two. Is it easy to burn with ewc?

    I plan on brewing up one of Lds soil innoculation act's later this week. I'm going to hit my veg with a foliar spray from that and water some of my plants with it. Can't wait to check on the new transplants in 6 hours.

    Sleepy time :bolt:


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