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Organic to Hydro

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by snpny, Dec 25, 2002.

  1. Okay I need help with transplanting from organic to a hydro setup. I gett better luck with germing in soil than rockwool but I want to grow in my hydro set up. Everyone that post start their with cutlings in rockwool and shit. I have 6 babies growing in soil right know about 4 inches a piece. When should I transplnt them to the hydro set up with out killig them?
  2. so what no one has tried doing this before or yall just dont know
  3. I have yet to try bubble buckets, organic is just too easy to mess up...plus we don't promote athletes using drugs.
  4. why does it matter that I am an athlete wheter or not that I blaze or not. I still get my job done, with all those commercials saying drug money supports terroism I decide to grow my self so I know where my funds are going, plus with that world trade shit I had family evolved and close that the strikes so....
  5. ive did it.... i just go to the bathroom, tilt the pot/cup, and in the tub run water over the soil (gentle stream), it gets soupish and will start to overflow explosing root without damaging them. sometime i squeeze gently around the container (if its a cup or plastic) to help get the dirt out. a couple of time i just took the root ball out and sat it under the stream for a bit of a less time consuming method.
  6. if you will notice, this was posted in 02'
  7. does this work ?

    would a dro plant live in water only / no chemicals

  8. ha wonder how it got brought back up dont they(grasscity) delete old forums to make room for new ones?

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