Organic Tea vs Super Soil Mix?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by LionInTheJungle, May 6, 2011.

  1. I was wondering which method produced better product feeding with Organic Tea or Super Soil Mix with nutrients in soil and feed plain water?

    Is there any difference in taste, yield, or potency between these two methods?:smoke:
  2. Make a good soil blend. Give it an AACT occasionally (more won't hurt or help). Use water the rest of the time. Very easy!
  3. It depends on flowering time. I would never try to make a 110+ day Haze plant survive flowering for four months just on what's in the soil. Most or all of the food in the soil would be used up long before it's done. Now, a quick, 50-day indica might not have any problem if asked to do the same.

    Personally, I don't believe that any soil mix by itself can produce as much bud as the same thing plus manual fertilizations. The nutrient levels in the soil, while slightly boosted by microbial life over time, will slowly decrease the longer the plants flower. Every time you water, some of the food is used up. This isn't ideal because plants actually need more nutrients as they get bigger.

  4. Doing both in tandem, works quite well.


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  6. Thanx for the help guys. Im going to try using both methods in conjunction. Ilike the sound of the water only method.

    LumperDawgz I would like to get some input from you? Bump:smoke:
  7. LionInJungle

    Wet Dog gave you the best advice - if in fact you're working with a soil developed with quality ingredients then an AACT will only move that process forward, i.e. maximum fertility and viability.

    IOW it's not necessarily an 'either or' paradigm.


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