Organic soil?

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  1. I want to grow organic right? But do I have to make that super soil and let it cook for two months before I grow or can I just buy a certain brand of soil and amend with different organic things after? Do I start in organic potting soil or the specially bought fully fertilized organic soil??? Any help would help .

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  2. Nothing wrong with using a bag of say FFOF as your base and doctoring it up. Hell I did it myself for the most part and still use out of the bag FFOF (Fox Farms Ocean Forest) to give new clones their first taste of soil.

    FFOF, Perlite, Chicken Manure. Alfalfa meal, Kelp meal. Neem Meal. Sulfur Dust, Basalt Rock dust.
    I think that was everything.

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  3. FFOF(Fox Farm) is great stuff expensive to many but can be reused many times, with a quart bag every grow to top up the nutes, cooler climate you will need to mix in 25-30% perlite to dilute those hot effects add more if you intend to add your own nutes later
    over time this method allows you to acquire a great range of bugs, and one hell of a lot of 'dirt'

    good luck
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  4. What is soil? | Soil | Farm management | Agriculture Victoria
    What is super soil? | Composition and benefits (
    Organic Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster
    Potting soil - Wikipedia
    What Is Potting Soil? You Should Absolutely Know This! (
  5. My soil contains:

    40 liter potting soil
    5 liter perlite
    5 liter worm manure
    100 gram azomite
    each 11 liter pot get's 3 worms
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  6. Thanx for the info!
  7. For some reason the companies who produce bagged compost decided to call it Potting soil-less soil .
    or potting soil when in reality there is normally zero soil in it .
    Look at the ingredients on the brand of bagged potting soil you are using .

    Composts retain water... where soil doesn't as much.
    Organic is dead plant or animal matter, which life starts and stops with fungi .
    Organic matter never breaks down or decomposes into soil.
    Soil is not renewable .....................unless imported from space or another planet.
    Compost = nutrients....
    Soil/dirt/rocks are minerals.
    50% of dirt is Silica
    Normally top soil contains 5% organic matter/ nutrients
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  8. What Is Organic Soil?

    So what exactly is organic soil? Isn’t all soil “organic” since it’s soil? Not necessarily. One way that may be easier to think about it is to substitute the word “organic” for the word “living.” Organic soil is a soil that is created by the decomposition of plant and animal materials to create a nutrient and mineral rich mini-ecosystem with microorganisms that feed and breathe life back into the soil. Or, to put it another way, organic soil is how soil exists in nature. Before chemicals were added. Before synthetic and modified ingredients depleted the soil of its natural power, this is how soil existed. Think of the forest floor. Leaves and trees fall, fruits and vegetables grow and are eaten, animals feed and leave waste. All of this activity directly impacts the soil and creates a power-packed foundation for future growth. It creates a soil that is “living.”

    [​IMG] › subjects › geology › minerals.htm
    Minerals - Geology (U.S. National Park Service)
    Minerals are formed naturally by geological processes. A mineral is a homogeneous solid that can be made of single native element or more usually a compound. Minerals make up Earth's rocks and sands, and are an important component of soils. 5 characteristics required of all minerals.
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  9. My dirty little secret… I don’t let my super soil sit before planting in it anymore. I’ve been using super soil for a long time. Used to let it cook. But I needed soil and planted in a fresh batch and nothing bad happened. The plants look great. I change the mix up all the time. Right now it’s

    2 cups Bio Live (Down to Earth dry amendment)
    1 cup bone meal
    1 cup alfalfa meal
    1 cup oyster shell
    1 cup dolomite lime
    6 cups rock dust

    I like using two different calcium sources because the lime seems to break down and get used up faster and the oyster shell breaks down slower and kicks in later. The Bio Live has a ton of good nutrients and microbes all in one, makes for less products to buy. You could probably get away with skipping the bone meal and alfalfa and just adding extra bio live in their place if you want to go simple.
  10. I use to put worms in each pot but I avoid that now, as they leave their poop all over the grow room floor
    that said they will soon find their way back to the plant


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