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Organic Soil Mix

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by bigc29, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Heres my mix, Im new at this so please let me know if to add more of an any item for better results or good how it is..:confused:

    6 gal Pro-Mix HP
    3 gal Coco
    2 gal Perlite
    2 gal Vermiculite
    5 Liter EWC
    3 Liter Composted Cow Manure
    2 Liter Peatmoss
    3 Liter Herb & vegetable Organic Soil
    13 tbs SuperGrowMix
    8 Tbs Marine Cuisine(FoxFarm)
    6 Tbs Mex Bat Guano
    20 Teas Rare Earth
    5 Teas BoneMeal
    5 Teas BloodMeal
  2. Dont forget Glacial Rock Dust, Granite Rock Dust or Azomite! Also I dont see kelp or alfalfa.

    Marine Cuisine Fooled me too for a while but if you read the ingredients its very much not organic.

    Cant say Id advice you using blood n bone... but im sure you will have good results.

    Looks good thou
  3. You should purchase some neem meal as well.
  4. I cant get rock dust or azomite here in toronto..i looked everywhere, and i think alfalfa & kelp meal are in the supergrowmix. i have liquid algue marine seaweed & liquid karma
  5. today i bought Neem oil, BioFloral Algue Marine Seaweed & Botanicar Liquid Karma is this stuff any good:confused:
  6. I do not know about the BioFloral or Botanicar products. As for the neem oil, I use neem oil to foliar spray as a preventative against bugs. I have no experience mixing it into soil or watering with it either. On the other hand, neem meal can be mixed into your soil and used to water, foliar spray, or top dress. You can check out this thread here about neem cake LD seems to have some good information on this stuff.


  7. Made changes
    If you already have the Pro-mix use it but if you get a good deal on Coco that's the better medium.

    9 gal Coco (pro-mix is mainly Peat moss/perlite) Coco has the best air/water ratio and when it breaks down it gives nutrients to the plants.
    2 gal Perlite
    2 gal Vermiculite
    5 Liter EWC ( I'm a noob also whats this?)
    3 Liter Worm Castings
    2 Liter Peat moss
    3 Liter Compost or Worm Castings
    8 Tbs seaweed extract (4-2-3)
    6 Tbs Mex Bat Guano (10-2-0)
    20 Teas Rare Earth ( Rock Dust ?)

    I am also new so if someone else can also help out but to me it seems you are over doing the nutes. Worm castings/bat guano/Rockdust/seaweed extract should be more then enough to at least get past the veg stage.
  8. would it be ok to add epsom salt to my mix..And how much should i put in
  9. Not if the rock dust has sulfur and magnesium..
  10. How long doe it take granite rock dust to break down, my soil has been cooking for about a month but I haven't been able to get any rock dust????
  11. You can add the rock dust to your mix at any time, it doesn't need to cook.
  12. How long doe it take granite rock dust to break down

    Years and years.

  13. I replenish rock dust as i re add humus(compost) after grows as i compost it only.
  14. I just bought a big bag of rock dust..how much am i supposed to add to my mix:confused:
  15. 4 cups per Cubic FT
  16. Thats more than i thought, i already put 4 cups in..ill put 8 more cups in now, thanks for ur help susan:)

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