Organic soil mix for autoflowers.

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  1. Anyone have anything to say about their Organic soil mix they use for Autos? Last year I used Pro Mix Bx with some EWC and alfalfa meal. They did ok but I'm always trying to improve. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. do autos have different requirements? why not just mix a coot style soil as described in the no-till thread?

    here is the mix as i have it in my notes:
    The base is made with equal parts of:
    Sphagnum Peat Moss
    Quality Humus (compost/EWC)
    Aeration (lava rock/pumice/perlite/rice hulls/buckwheat hulls...)

    Then Per cubic foot of soil add:
    ½ - 1cup Neem and/or karanja cake/meal

    1c Kelp meal

    1-2 cups Rock dust (basalt is best, then granite then glacial)

    1c crab shell/crustation meal

    1c liming mix (gypsum/oyster shell flower)

    1.25c Ground Malted Barley (optional but recommended)

    Biochar 5%-10% by volume (~8 cups/cf) (optional but recommended)
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  3. Thanks. I just Know they are sensitive to high levels of nutrients and burn easy. Is this even going to be a problem with an organic mix? I plan on adding some humic acid to each container as well.
  4. it depends on your soil mix. if you go by what i posted you should be fine.
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  5. I have some autos in a clackamas coot mix that are doing Awsome 3 weeks in from seed with water only so far
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