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  1. Ok, I'm not sure where to start, I went camping yesterday, left at about 6pm. I watered my plants before I left.
    I made my soil with Sunshine mix #4, wiggle worm ewc, (I've gotten better local since then, it was just a starter) Alaskan humus, espoma organic garden tone fert, Dr earth kelp meal, rock dust, ummmmmmmm I'm not sure about anything else...I've made a lot of soil since then with more amendments that I know I didn't use in the first batch.

    Anywho, today is week 2 and until this morning when I got home they were growing perfect, faster and stouter than any plant I've ever grown.

    I'm using a Mars 2 1600, it's planted about 26-30ish inches above my 6 babies, I'm not sure exactly since I haven't measured since day 1 when I planted.

    I've got an oscillating fan going across the plants 24hrs a day and a smaller 12" fan up above the light pushing the hot air out of my closet and my bedroom window open 24hrs for fresh air (I'm in Colorado Springs, lots of fresh air constantly coming in)

    My problem is that on 3 plants, one to two leaves are starting to yellow on the ends at the bottom of the plant, like first mature set of leaves, not the beginning leaves obviously...I'm curious what this might be, I think I can rule out light burn if the tops are fine on all 6 plants.
    I cooked the soil for about 4 1/2 weeks, made sure to keep it moist the whole time (maybe dried out-ish twice during the first two weeks when I wasn't sure)

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    Also, I have a few other random flowers in my closet right now lmao, a few petunias of different colors, a cactus, and some cat mint bullshit for my girl lol...idk if they'd make any difference, if they'd potentially release anything to cause this...I could just be high lol
  3. You always judge the overall health of your plant by the new growth. Throughout the life of the plant, you will have what I call "old growth die off," and it's usually the lower older leaves that will turn, dry and fall off. No big deal. If you've mixed your soil by a real good organic recipe and you understand how to water (mostly how to not over water), your plants should be just fine. But don't panic about a leaf or two around the bottom turning colors and dying. It just happens. As best I can tell, your plant is very healthy and lush-looking. During the veg cycle, if you're using good soil to grow, understand how not to drown them with watering, and give them decent'll be good. Your organic soil should feed them throughout...which is super cool because I hate dumping chemicals in my plants. But keep on truckin' my friend. You have no problems at this point. Oh, one thing I was going to suggest....when you post pics of your plants, take them under normal regular lighting. The blue from the LEDs and the yellow put off by the hps bulbs makes it near impossible to see the true coloring on your plants in photos. So always try to post one that is taken in unaltered lighting. Good luck and happy growing!! TWW
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  4. Thank you so much, I was so worried they were about to start burning and dying :D it may have been an over water problem, I went camping the night before and watered them a bit just to be sure they wouldn't dry while I was gone but I water with a small spray bottle for now, probably like 2-3oz of water a day for now
  5. Pull the dead growth off and discard it. The rest of the growth looks fine. Organics can be tricky but once dialed in you get some awesome results.

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  6. I'll do that, idk what the problem was, it could have been over watering but idk....I'm new to organics and fairly new to growing in general. I've noticed on one plant it's moved up to the next set of leaves...I'm starting to think my soil didn't break down as much as I'd hoped haha, we'll see...if not I've got plenty more time and my seeds came in the other day so I've got 33 more opportunities haha but I'm hoping these babies turn out alright
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    It looks like the leaf is touching the soil, and if that is happening, then the leaf can abosorb too many nutes from the soil and get burnt. That leaf doesn't really look burnt tho
  8. I assume you are subscribed to the organic section on this site. Great guys until you say something bad about organics, lol. Very sensitive group hahaha but very helpful

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  9. I am indeed subscribed :) I think I just topped off the soil with some stuff a little too fresh and not broken down enough yet, they seem to be doing better now. I just topped a Durban Poison for the first time ever lol so we'll see how that turns out
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