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  1. my plants are just starting to show sex and the beginings of some preflowers so im going to start laying off the fish emulsion that ive been using which is 5-1-1 in favor of somthing with more p than n. i have some bone meal that ive been sprinkling around the base of the plants but it does not seem to be doing much good since i cant mix it in the soil due to not wanting to trash the roots. im going totally organic with this grow and need a suggestion for a good water soluble organic fert that i can mix in when i water them that is high in p. any ideas?
  2. I would suggest you continue with your fish emulsion and bone meal but add a few more to the party. Bat guano is great for P easy to sprinkle around the base and water in or brew into a tea and pour on. They also have Fish emuslsion with 5-10-2 NPK ratings which works very well.

    The bone meal is effective but takes time to break down so It will have a slow but lasting effect, For immeadiate bloom boost I would suggest Mixing the Bat gauno with the High P fish emulsion for instant P delivery.
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    Don´t forget, potassium, K, is every bit as important to flowering plants as P. Many growers just don´t seem to appreciate this.

    A good fert for flowering has as much K as P, in fact my BioCanna floracion, specially formulated for flowering MJ, has MORE K than P.

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