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  1. I've not used them inside but want to get some for my Japanese Beetle issue on my fruit trees in the yard. It's good to know that HD carries them. I would think they might be good to help control any yard grubs.

    It is my understanding though that they can throw off the natural balance of natural garden predators. What are you thinking of controlling with them indoors?

  2. I heard about these from a blade a while back. He suggested using them for white fly larvae. 
    It was in this thread:
    I also found some good info while trying to find that thread again :p

    You looking for a front tine tiller? When I bought one about 6 months ago Lowes had a much better in-store selection. HD is always my first choice though  ^_^
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    J, I am thinking about mixing it with my current cooking batch and my water feedings on current grows. HD only offers this online as they need to keep refridgerated. Go to the source They are cheaper than HD.
    Kangaroo, I was looking for a rototiller to help weed between the rows of my veggies. The broom handle typathingie.
  4. Weed between the rows, as in pathways? Would laying cardboard or newspaper down be a good suggestion for you there? Throw some soil back on top if you need it pretty. Or straw.
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    That's a great idea SLG!

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