Organic Peat Moss , Dry Amendments help.

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  1. So I have
    1.) Sphagnum peat moss
    2.) Perlite
    3.) Worm castings
    4.) Diatomaceous earth
    5.)red lava rock
    6.)Pro Aglime - Dolomite lime

    I seen a YouTuber talk about Dr earth Homegrown has higher calcium so he cuts it a bit with All Purpose Dr Earth so I'm worried using all purpose and Pro Aglime together. Can you give me any hints on what else you would do ??? I have lights and a room but other than buying the other flower girl will I need the all purpose ? What ratio of worm castings and perlite should I use? Add just veg nutes now and cook or both and cook? Also I bought langbeanite for potassium cause I thought I was gonna use fox farms but I'm not since the bags I bought were way small I got a refund . Anyway I think I'm gonna use like 7 gallon pots so I can use a layer of lava rock on the bottom and good amount like 30 percent perlite and still having enough soil to grow a good hardy plant . Any info would be good I'm growing about 4 plants in a closet Image (4).jpg

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  2. I see you have castings. Are they your castings or store bought? Either way, get some good compost. Local if possible, because, imo store bought compost sucks! I would also get seaweed of some sort. Home picked or as a meal...and rock dust. Mix 1/3 perlite, 1/3 compost/castings. "maybe a little more worm castings." 1/3 peat moss. Throw in your 2-2-2 Dr Earth or whatever you have. Then your minerals.(rock dust, langbeinite ect.) Depending on how much im making, I just throw in a couple handfulls of the minerals and kind of go by the label on the ferts. 1/2 cup per cubic ft. is Dr. Earth 2-2-2. 7 gal pots X4 28 gal. 7.5 gal is 1 cf. that would be around 3.73 cups of dry ferts for the batch. That should grow some good weed! Just top dress with castings when you go 12/12 and water in some teas now and then during the grow. You could get way more crazy with amendments on new batches as you see anything lacking in this grow. BTW epsom salts are good to have around and you could also add some when mixing your medium. Remember to use a 1inch or so of mulch. I use Timothy hay for the nitrogen as it breaks down and the worms need it. Good Luck and message me if you need any of my words of Believe me, I'm far from being expert but I failed enough to learn not fail as much now.

    other cheap, easy to get adds: malted barley, gypsum, WORMS(about 3 per)

  3. The castings I bought one bag to use with my little seedling jiffy cups with some jiffy seed starter mix and will use mykos after I germ in a wet towel .this is only my second grow first grow I was 14 or so and got told on so I'm giving it a go now at 30 lol . But anyway I held back on buying worm castings because I knew I could get better prices at this local place called Ken Mulch they have pretty much everything so I figured It would be cheaper to get the worm castings there I think they have it all in huge piles outside covered by tarps, or maybe that's just the mulch idk . which makes me think they might not be the best and might have extra critters and disease that would hurt me more than help. but I will have to check em out . That's where I will buy my worm castings or compost . As far as seaweed I'm guessing you mean kelp or kelp meal ? Okay I can get some but homegrown from Dr Earth already says it has that plus other things and TruBiotic for the bio stuff and muchos but Im gonna buy a few more things from Amazon like ppm tester and all the little gadgets like wifi hygrometer etc .. so extra kelp meal and some silica rock dust would the lava rock help ? There's some rock dust in that back of rocks it's not all uniform . Also none of the 3 Dr earths I'm thinking about buying have 222 it's 444 463 and the flower I think . So anyway lmk some more stuff bro should I mix in all three when I mix my soul and let it cook or should I stop dress the Dr Earth Flowergirl after the seedling is about a week old so it gives it minum 2 week to break down since autos should flower around a month or so old maybe 3 weeks. And the langbeanite I also heard I should top dress about 3 weeks before flower so the potassium will be bio available. I'm worried about how to even use the diatomacous earth.I also have clover seeds as a cover crop so it will be diatomaceous earth, clover ,and some hay plus I'm looking to get some Dark Owl genetics I want that Marathon OG F4 they got the purple phenos popping better on the f4s but Multiverse I think only has F3s. Do you know where I could get some f4s idek how the seed bazaar works. Please lmk sumn it was valentine's day today but I don't think they had anything going today cause I couldn't find anything for them in 2023

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  4. While its on my mind, ditch the ppm meter and the gadgets. The hygrometer is just an expense. Just go by the look of the plants or the weight of the pots for that purpose. I use a soil PH meter only in an emergency or out of curiosity. None of that is really needed if you are growing in an organic mix.
    As for ferts, Worm tea and your Dr. Earth 4-4-4 should do the trick but your mix should have all thats needed early. I've only used diatomaceous earth as a critter protection, but you cant get it wet or it won't work well for that purpose. The lava rock is good for aeration but I doubt the minerals would be available for quite some time. Probably months. The langbeinite is basically a rock dust so that will be good imo. Since the earths crust is 59% silica, thats a cheap one! Quarts rock has a ton of silica in it, so if you find a good rock dust like granite or quarts you should have plenty in your mix. I've never used a living mulch but those who do say good things. I use Alfalfa hay. It breaks down quick and is easy to get at a feed store or Tractor supply.
    Cooking the soil is a must if you add alot of things that need to break down.(get hot) That is if I'm not doing a no-til or reusing my soil. Then its just teas and worm casting top dress.
    Now.. F2's, F4's f whatever...blah blah blah. You can grow great weed regardless of knowing this shit. A breeder needs to worry about that but not me. Find a reputable seed company that is known for stable genetics and vigor and off you go. Just go into the thread on SEEDs and get all the genetics info you need to grow great pot. There is also a forum on Autos that has a lot of info on ferts for autos. Its in the growing organic area.
    Just don't make things too complicated. Weed is easy and in most cases, less is more.

  5. Also....Worm castings and compost are the most important thing for your plants. Store bought bags are better than nothing, BUT you need to use the BEST you can get! Raise your own worms and start a compost pile or a compost tumbler. That way you know exactly whats going in, so you know whats coming out! Craigs list you will find local worm farmers to sell you some good castings .You can talk to these people and learn what they feed them. Compost the same thing. Before I started making my own compost, I went to a local Alpaca farm and got shit from them. Alpacas have like 4 stomachs so the shit is already composted by the time it comes out the other end. Great stuff! Have fun!


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