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    This grow is 100% organic and outdoors 2-4 days from germinating indoors in soil, all organic of course.

    Here's my oldest; about 4 weeks old. It survived a couple nights in the lower 30s but made it:hello:

    First from 3 weeks ago

    This is the same seedling earlier today:

    Heres the thread on it before I decided to start a grow journal:
  2. Here are my 3 baby seedlings, a. I had 2 more but they shrived. The ones that survived were the ones I planted in more shade.

    These are all growing in the ground in a small clearing in the woods with a few hadfulls of Dr. Earth Organic 4-4-4 NPK rated organic plant food which has beneficial soil microbes in it.

  3. I am open to any and all questions comments and, above all, advice from my fellow blades:smoke::wave:

    This is in northern NJ by the way
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    Does anyone think that they'll bud early given the cold nights they've been exposed to?

    My stoned theory is that this shock will shorten the veg cycle because the goal in nature is to bud/reproduce and the shock of the cold might cause it to bud early

    If this were true it would be a good thing since the growing season is so short here

    I almost imagine they adapted to the cold and will sense the need to flower early. I mean I see my oldest one adapting to the local climate already.

    Also if anyone has any suggestions specific to any of my 4 seedlings that would be welcome:smoke::smoke::smoke:

    Edit: I forgot to mention I sprayed the perimeter of the plants with some natural deer repellent avoiding getting it on the seedlings themselves

    Edit: I went out today and the last 2 seedlings pictured here are in worse shape. They seem to be drying and curling downwards. So despite some moisture left in the soil I watered them and gently covered them with a couple dried leaves hoping to slow down respiration and give the roots some time to grow.

    I'm worried though, that this may be a case of lack of air in the roots due to the muddy/gooey nature of the soil.

    I will check again later today or tomorrow and if things don't get better I can always relocate them, plus I have some Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil to mix in if I have to.

    Anyone got any tips for my little ones?
  5. Sorry for the stoner bugs in your garden. I'll try to stop blowing smoke out my window, hehe. :smoke: Next time keep em in pots for a tiny bit longer, so they can build stronger before you put them in your new spot you cleared out. You can also move them into the shade if you need to.
  6. Cannabliss88,

    Welcome to the organic grow journals and thaks for sharing your grow with us. The cold weather will slow the growth a bit but won't induce flowering.

    Flowering is induced by a reduction in light hours the plant is exposed to, and unless you're in the southern hemisphere, the days will be getting longer, so you should be good.

    I just wanted to visit your thread and say hello, and hope your grow does you well.

    Take care,

  7. I just want to update everyone on my grow. My laptops been dead for a while so I haven't logged into GC for a long time.

    Sadly I am down to 2 plants. I concluded that they all needed more time to grow before putting them in the ground. I don't think the root systems were strong enough to adapt to their new environment yet. Live and learn I say.

    The ones that made it are my oldest one that endured near freezing temperatures and the first plant pictured in my earlier post of three seedlings.

    One day I went out to check on them after a bad thunderstorm followed by intense sun and unusual warmth. Both were on the ground wilted:eek: Even my oldest that had been through so much and thrived was now on its side completely wilted:eek::eek::eek:

    I immediately pulled out my emergency stash of Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and planted them in 2 small pots which I buried 3/4 in the ground with no nutrients added.

    The next day they were standing up again Thank you Fox Farm!!! [​IMG]
    And as I checked on them each day they slowly started growing a healthy set of healthy new leaves. Then I pulled off the old crinkled leaves and fed them Neptunes Harvest fish and seaweed emulsion at double or triple strength and they're really taking off now:hello:

    Earlier today I mixed about 2 tablespoons of Dr. Earth organic plant food in the top 2 inches of the soil and watered well.

    Unfortunately I saw some strange bugs that looked like whiteflys but very small and seemingly only able to hop not fly. Not sure if they had wings. They looked almost grasshopper like but they are not thrips, they are completely white.

    There was only 1 on each plant that I noticed but they would go to the underside of the leaves when I swatted them then back to the top again. The little bastards just kept hopping away:mad::mad::mad:

    Weather and time permitting I will go back to check on them tomorrow and bring my camera. Updated pictures are on the way! Any tips on organic solutions to the insect problem or help identifying them would be much appreciated

    Thank you:wave:
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    Ok now for some pics from a couple weeks ago.

    This is the day after I transplanted into pots. The day before they were wilted over so growth is very stunted and plants are in recovery mode. These are from May 20:

    Four days later on 5/24 they recovered quite well so I pinched off the bottom most leaves which never fully recovered and this is what they looked like:

    I returned the next day. The second plant seems to have suffered some shock from removing the bottom most pair of leaves but it had to be done. Here they are on 5/25

    Remember these are from 2 weeks ago

    As I explained in my last post I just added Dr. Earth. organic granular fertilizer yesterday and also noticed a couple whitefly looking pests and today we're getting hit with a heat wave

    The sun just rose so I think I'm gonna head over with my camera and keep my fingers crossed.

    As soon as I can I'll throw the updated pics from this morning up on here so you can see the progress but first I gotta take a short hike...brb
  9. Ok I went out there earlier today and they're looking great. :hello:

    The only issue is these damn bugs that seem to like to hide out on the bottom of the leaves and hop away when disturbed. :mad:

    I think they may be whiteflys but I'm hoping one of you can help me identify it for certain. I somehow managed to get a shot of one:

    There seemed to be more of them this morning than yesterday and I'm really starting to get worried. What organic solutions would any of you recommend?
  10. Can anyone recommend an organic solution to get rid of these bugs before they destroy my 2 healthy plants?

    I'm thinking of just mixing up some homemade brew with chili peppers and garlic, spraying it with deer off, or buying some neem spray.

    Would it be worth buying neem? Is there something better? Any advice would be much appreciated:D
  11. Neem oil works great, I used to it to get rid of a bunch of aphids that infested the bag of ffof I bought. Also FoxFarm makes a pyrethrum based spray that works awesome, I think it's organic, I have a friend that uses it
  12. Think it's 'Don't Bug Me'
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    Word. I've heard of neem, in fact the health food store I work at sells neem products but nothing specifically for plants. I will definitely have to look into this.
    +Rep for helping me save my 2 girls (well hopefully girls)

    Now for an update:

    2 days ago I took both my plants out of their pots and put them directly back in the ground. They both had a good root ball. I mixed in the rest of my fox farm ocean forest along with some Espoma organic potting soil, Dr. Earth organic fertilizer and an organic bloom booster which I can't remember the name of.

    Then today, after seeing that they were both still in good shape I decided to try an LST method for the first time. I did a modified version of the sticky on LST using a bent piece of clothes hanger to stake them down gently.

    As for the bugs they seem to be everywhere in the woods and they haven't done too much damage so far but this is now a very high priority being that the plants are directly against the ground. I've been steeping a homemade brew of crushed garlic, chives and powdered cayenne pepper which I will spray when I get the chance and I will be looking into neem and fox farms product for sure.

    Now for some updated pics. I am open to any questions, comments and definitely suggestions for getting the maximum yield out of my 2 plants:wave:


    To be honest it was hard to force such beautiful plants to lean on the ground like that. Is that why it looks like I did something wrong or should I just be patient and let nature take its course?

    I'm new to growing and this is the first time I ever did LST to a plant so any tips or ideas are welcome. Thank you in advance! I'll keep you all updated on how things turn out:wave:
  14. I took this pic earlier today. Its amazing how much a plant can bend its top in under 24 hours. I'm sure the sunny weather helped.

    Yesterday they looked kinda sad but in less than a day they have already perked up and look almost like they are meant to be that way while just yesterday it looked like they fell over.

    This morning I gave them lots of water in preparation for my 1 week vacation. The soil has shown it can retain moisture easily for days so the plan for tomorrow is to soak them as much as possible in anticipation of a dry week and I have no doubt they will amaze me when I get back by which time I anticipate being ready to put the 2nd stake in.


  15. Have you tried lavender or peppermint spray? Soaking them in water or possibly making tea and using it as a spray? I've read that its a great pesticide/deterrent. I'll see if I can find the link but in the mean time google it, I think it may be really helpful. Never tried the peppermint part, but the lavender seems to work
  16. Wooops sorry. Mobile app fail
  17. Thanks man that's some great info there. Might even help me with my organic veggie garden which I will post on GC one of these days. I'd +rep you again if could. You've definitely contributed to this grow more than anyone else.

    Right now I have my cayenne, garlic and chive concoction brewing and will spray some when I get the chance. And its good to know there are so many other organic options out there if my recipe doesn't work.

    I just got back from cape may. We had lots of rain while I was gone and my 2 plants are growing like crazy. The LST was definately a success and I think its time to put the second stake in the ground.

    I will post updated pics for everyone as soon as I get the chance. Any comments, questions or advice are always much appreciated:wave:
  18. Appreciate it CB! Looking forward to the pic updates :)

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