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Organic Orange Kush, Home-grown Dank, Organic GDP **Super Dank Pickup**

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by øØAsianKushØø, May 16, 2010.

  1. #1 øØAsianKushØø, May 16, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 16, 2010
    So the guy i pick up from just got a connection to a grower, so hes getting only his stuff now. He grows the dankest strains, as we live in SoCal haha:smoking:

    Anywayz, i got this from him recently:
    Left to right: 1/8th of Homegrown Dank, 1/8th and a 4.4g nug of homegrown dank, 1/8 of Orange Kush, 1/8th of Organic Orange Kush. He told me to test out each oj kush and report on which was better.
    Here is a close up of the homegrown danks (1/8th nug and the 4.4 nug)
    Notice the amazing purple vein in the 1/8th nug :smoking:
    Just the 1/8th nug
    A gram of Durban Diesel
    1.5oz (42.6g) of Organic Orange Kush. This stuff is an amazing couch lock high... perfect for video games or watching tv haha
    Heres a close up of a nug
    My guy threw in this nug in my 1.5oz for some reason. Kinda cool i guess. Hes aid it was Organic GDP.
    That same gdp nug with the best looking nug from the oj kush
    Thats all for now, hopefully going to start my own pickup thread.
  2. Did i just see a hole in one of those nugs?? Lol :smoking:
  3. yooo nice pickups, but 1.5 oz is 42 gramsss

  4. Haha? If ur talking bout the durban diesel, i save dank nugs and pick off pieces to make super salad bowls :smoking: Makes for very fun times.

  5. Yes indeed ur right. Im sorry, whenever i hit a bongload before 10am, i get retarded high. :smoking:
  6. gahh those look like some wonderful buds!

    If you don't mind me asking, how much did those run you?

  7. Haha well im ok friends with my guy, so he usually hooks me up. I bought half an oz of that home-grown stuff for 135$, which isnt bad at all at least for my area. I dunno bout ur area tho. Anways, that 1.5oz of orange kush was 380, again not a bad price in this area. The other nugs were free with my sacks, cus my dealer gets really generous when u smoke with him haha.

  8. sounds like a pretty good deal

    bout as much as it would cost out here on the east coast

  9. hahah fuck yeaaaaa bro

  10. Nice, im wondering on the prices here in Cali if it gets legalized. People say because its legal it will be cheaper cus of not having to risk smuggling or growing etc, but dispenseries that are legal are the same if not more expensive than street price. So i dunno.

  11. SHITT!!!! You must be in the NE cause I don't see deals like that at all! 135 for half an O of any kind of dank is a dream in my area. My best deal for half an O of dank is 220. Damn i need to move out to cali for sure! Can anyone hook me up with a job out there?

  12. No. Right now dispensaries are enjoying a monopoly and they are taking advantage of it while they can (i would think).
  13. damn in my opinion this deserves + rep. Nice buds +Good Prices=Happy Times
  14. Nice buds. I wish I could get stuff like that out here in NY.

  15. I agree. I was talking to a dispensery owner about how much he gets the stuff for, and its outrageous. On average he said they buy for around 4-5$ a g and sell it 15-20. Makes me sad that even fellow ganjers will take advantage of the system. LEGALIZ IT :D

  16. Ouch, a half oz for 220? Thats painful man haha. Im glad i live in SoCal :D
    I might even be able to buy 2oz of danks at a time for 400$ over the summer... thats if i can get this connect to pull through. Im praying he does π_π
  17. I was curious as to wut prices were in the medical states. seems to still be worth a pretty penny even when its halfway legal.

  18. Yea, medical places overcharge so hard :(
    Albeit, they do tend to have higher quality stuff
  19. nice pickups btw. i live in cincy we have descent shit every now n then, nothin that looks that good tho. still 25/g 5+/oz. outrageous, if i had wut u have, id kill em lol!
  20. Im from colorado and for me from the dispensary a quad is about 75$, a half oz is about 110-150$ and i haven't picked up a full oz. but i don't think its more than 300
    But this is all quite a bit cheaper than what you can get through a dealer.

    ...Anyways + rep for some fire in this thread ;)

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