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  1. Hey guys I'm going organic for my next grow and just want some other inputs to be sure. I will be using a Canadian sphagnum peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, and lime mixture as my medium with no other additives. For nutrients I will be using advanced nutrients iguana juice grow/bloom my question is would this be enough to fulfill the plants needs through its life with out any other additives being given. This would be an all organic grow outdoors in a green house starting with a mild nutrient solution then gradually increasing to recommended amount. The specs for nutrients are in the picture, all positive help will be appreciated!

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  2. Most organic soil mixes contain some form of humus, have you grown like this before? I don't see how it could work as well as living soil.
    Are you set on using this method or are you looking for viable options? If you want to do it up right you are in the right place.

    Twas Ever Thus!
  3. Your plan sounds like a hydro grow.  Compost/ewc/humus is absolutely critical for growing organically. Advanced Nutrients is made in China...and the price of their stuff is insane.
  4. OG, save yourself the time, trouble and money and just do a real organic grow in soil. 
    If you're dead set on doing it your way, I highly recommend bubbling your nutrient solutions for 24-48 hours before using. Bottled organic nutrients really benefit from being aerated. It awakens the microbes, gets them reproducing, and really helps with keeping ph in check.
  5. I have grown with my mix plus all the additives given such as bone meal, bat guana, etc. the results were great but I was wondering if this kind of situation would work out okay, I feel it would have a chance work out. And I already have the materials and wanted to experiment some, but yes I do areate my nutrients. Thanks for all the reply's guys
  6. Sounds like he's not trying to make an organic soil guys, he's just wanting to use bottled organic nutrients in a soilless medium, so no humus would be required.

    OP, I don't see any reason why using grow & bloom nutrients wouldn't work. I have no idea how well though. As you can see, this really isn't our forte here lol

    Are the organic nutrients you're planning on using "complete" nutrients? If so it should work like any other hydroponic nutrient...

    Give it a shot if you already have the materials. It should work fine in a plain medium.
    But, it works even better with an amended mix. I did this when I started with amended mixes but still had some Earth Juice stuff left. The results were impressive.
  8. Yes jerry111165 they are complete nutrients and you understand exactly what I'm doing here, I'm going to try this out in a month or so. Thanks for all the good feedback guys ill try put up my results at the end of the season, I'm growing nirvana white widow

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