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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by austoker01, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Anyone got any recommendations on organic nutes for soil grow ??

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  2. You want bottles? You can add compost, alfalfa, kelp, gypsum and rock dust to your soil. Then do water mostly with some additional alfalfa and kelp through veg, and kelp in flower. There are a few variations that are worth while.

    Bottles are hard to find legit and strict organic... If your looking for omri certified... Neptunes harvest and organic gem are reputable.

    Otherwise there are many... I have used many and found nectar for the gods to work best for me.

    This is my experience. Take care.
  3. Yeah bottles are what I'll go with this time round , using a non fertilised soil mix , don't like the idea of slow release fert , as it releases at wrong times for the plant needs , rather visually watch and see when it's lacking and feed as needed , bio thrive and biobloom any good ? I'm in AUSTRALIA as we'll , criminal offence to grow here ! Ridiculous I know , wanna avoid importation if possible

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  4. Nectar for the gods is pretty good but nothing will beat a water only soil at least in my experience

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  5. How's about this in Australia?
    Liquid Organic Fertiliser

    Looks decent at first glance...
  6. Looks good , thanks iggy, I may attempt this water only soil instead , sounds like a much more low maintenance approach , thanks guys !'

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  7. dude forget about bottles if you want some sort of quality in your final product.
    want to know whats the best thing to feed your plant? its quality compost and earthworm castings.

    coming from a hydro mentality i can understand your concern about having too many ferts in the soil, but let me reassure you that with a soil made of good compost/EWC its almost impossible to burn plants, assuming you follow some simple guidelines, like letting the soil cycle for a couple of weeks before using it.
    when you grow in organic soil, it is the plant the decides what it needs and, through a symbiotic relationship with the microbes and fungi in the soil, pretty much dictates to them what nutrients it needs. thats also why we dont do anything different when switching from veg to flower, everything is in the soil from day 1 and the plant will take what it needs when it needs it.

    organics is about making sure you have a good soil, the rest will take care of itself. forget the bottles and save your money for better lights or a good meal at a fancy restaurant ;)

    check out the soil for beginners and especially the no-till threads they both have all the info you need to get yourself started.

    good luck!
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  8. Thanks scoobie mate , I will definatly have a go at it , just gotta track down some good quality ewc !

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