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  1. Ok, it's time to start focusing on nutes to use for my grow. I'm a new grower (1st grow) so I don't want too complicated of a nutes program! Having said that, here is what I was thinking of using...Can someone please let me know what they think of this:

    - All distilled or bottled water
    - FF Ocean soil mixed with some perlite
    - BMO (Blue Mountain Organics) 100% orgranic nutrients
    * Super Plant Tonic
    * Foliar Harmony
    * Flower Power
    - molasses (not sure what kind to get or where to get it?)

    I attached a feeding chart for BMO nutes...Is this feeding ok?

    ANY THOUGHTS ON THESE GOOD OR BAD?? Is this good or is there something else I should be using??

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  2. your lineup sounds adequate. Ive used fox farm soil b 4. good results. Last grow was fox farm and botinacare pure blend pro.. I recently jumped on the Canna bandwagon though . Bio Canna potting mix with Canna nutes. These people put alot of profit back into research and developement of great organic stuff....Its worth a google

  3. Is Bio Canna potting mix better than using FFOF? I've heard the FF can sometimes cause nute burn...WOuld I be better off with something like Bio Canna and will it work well with BMO?

    Has anyone used BMO?? Is this all I need, these 3? And how would BMO compare to using other nutes as far as yield, outcome, and ease of use?
  4. Fox Farm Ocean Forest if excellent. I'm using it for the first time and my plants love it. I have hardly used any ferts at all since the soil is so packed with nutrients. When I do feed them, I only use about half regular dosage, along with some bat guano.

    I use a system of watering my plants twice and then feeding them the third watering. I prevents salts from building up but yet provides sufficient food for a healthy plant. I mist my plants numerous times a day, they seem to love it. I dont' mist the last 3-4 weeks though, you don't want any of your buds getting mold. I water or feed my plants on no set schedule, only when they look hungry/thirsty. They will begin to wilt to let me know.

    It sounds like you want to conform to a formal regimen, which is fine and may work out good, but as they say "K.I.S.S."....Keep it simple stupid.

    I think it is natural to want to do as you are the first grow, as you have no past experience to go by, I was the same way.

    Good luck with your first grow, I'm sure you'll do fine.:hello:
  5. hands farms ocean forest. 'nuff said.
  6. Ok, FFOF it is :) What about the organic nutes...Does anyone have any comment or experience with my above nutes/schedule? The reason I ask is because quite frankly I don't know haha So I want to make sure the feeding times are ok and BMO is good stuff. Is there anything I should add or use/not use?

  7. FYI, this will be for about 4 plants (50-75% white widow) and some ICE

  8. Hands Down No. Make your own, That way, You Control your Laddies. That is, after all what we are after. :D
  9. ive never used anything but General Hydroponics, but i dont recommend ever foliar feeding (misting), especially with HID lights (mh,hps). it can lead to mold, burn holes in your leaves and basically can do more harm than good.
  10. ;)

    so your gonna tell a noob grower to make his own soil mix so he can 'control' his ladies? no..not at all. use the ffof and your chances of fucking up are far less. not to mention it will cost about the same as if you were to mix your own perlite,peat moss,top soil,etc, and the fox farms is already ph buffered and ready to go out of the bag.

  11. I didn't know what foliar feeding is. It means basically to put their foliar feeding solution into a spray bottle and mist the leaves??

    Hmm, I've heard good and bad things about misting. It also allow humidity to stay higher which is good?

    What I was reading is not to mold when I start flowering, so the bud won't get mold

  12. I don't know that I want to mix my own soil right now othere than adding what needs to be added (perlite).

    At this point I'll probably go with the FF or another organic soil that has everything mixed in already...

    Any feedback on the nutes? Will I get good, healthy, dense buds with JUST the BMO line of nutes + molasses during veg/flower??
  13. I will also probably incorporate topping/some lst maybe
  14. basically. the only reason i brought it up is bc i seen it on your feeding schedule. personally, i think having to keep a high humidty in veg is kinda over-rated. i've always kept my humidity at about 30-40% thru veg to flower and have had no problems. i just seen too many people foliar feed and mist and end up with burnt up leaves, mold problems,etc. as for nutes, thats really up to you. im sure you can find a few journals on here that use organic nutes,etc.
  15. You want unsulphured molasses. Grandma's brand, in the grocery store near the honey and pancake syrup.

  16. Thanks! I will get some of that then...

    Anyone heard good things about BMO? How hard will it be for a beginner (ME) to follow the attached feeding schedule? The chart I attached seems pretty easy to follow? :)

    I have searched for BMO or Blue Mountain and I haven't really seen much on them about what else I may need. I've just read their really good (mostly on other sites/forums....
  17. Alright, I got the nutes! $35 shipped for a start to finish organic nute lineup :)

    I hope they work well! I've read nothing but good things about them. I will go get the FFOF and perlite and molasses this week...

    Thanks everyone for your help/comments/suggestions :D
  18. Im using BMO products and they are great......GC doesnt give BMO enough love, there are alot of other sites like this that do have alot of info on BMO products....BUT as for using molasses during flowering...If you use BMO Flower Power, you wont have to buy molasses, because BMO already has it in their nutes....BMO is very good stuff, all of it it...The Grow it Green, The Flower Power, Foliar Harmony and The Super Plant Tonic, it all has a lot of beneficial bacteria...Its just great stuff, id like to see Gracc City mebers get more educated on these products, they really are good, and the people (tracy) at BMO, is great too, very good customer service...I have ordered the 4 pack twice, and since i was a repeat customer the 2nd order, they threw in a bag of worm castings, for free...Pretty cool....Hope it helps, be good to your ladies even if they stink....LATER!


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