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  1. What would be the best way to supplement these nute throughout plants cycle:

    Bone Meal
    Blood Meal
    Worm Castings
    Bat Guano
    Humic Acid
  2. Organics for Beginners is a good thread which details soil mixes that include the above supplements and their uses.

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    You mean how much to use in the soil? or are you asking if you should water it in or mix it in?

    1st of all mix it in the soil of course.

    I mix my soil in 30 gallon totes. Each tote get's:

    1.5 cuft peat moss
    2 50 pound bags of manure compost
    1 40 pound bag of organic humus
    2 gal perlite
    20 pounds builder's sand
    1 pound of bone meal
    1 pound of blood meal
    1 pound of guano (bloom)
    8 oz of azomite
    2 oz of epsom salt

    I also add 2 Tbs of dolomite lime to each 7.5 gallon container, and I apply Myco maximum to the hole before transplanting.

    This makes enough soil for 4 7.5 gallon containers.
    Worm castings can't burn plants so the more the merrier. I don't use them because I can't find a local source, and it costs an arm and a leg to ship it. But I'm going to get a worm farm asap.
    Also, I highly reccomend sterilizing your base soil to avoid bugs, just cook it 60-90 mins. in the oven at 190 bugs die at 160, weed seeds/fungus 180, and the micro organisms die at 210 so you have clean soil full of helpful microoranisms.

    PS: This is a hot mix, you have no need to water with nutes. I just water with molasses once a week starting the 2nd week of flowering.

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