Organic/non organic oil and water do not mix

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  1. I have seen a ton of counterproductive stuff mainly new growers are doing (mixing organic and non organic)
    I am just going to scratch the surface here it gets way more in depth but...
    Basicly organic and synthetic fertilizers should not be mixed if your claiming organic product but besides what you claim if you stay on one side of the fence or the other you will have better results weather its taste or yield your seeking.
    You should be desiding before you start if your going organic or synthetic and plan accordingly, 10full if your mixing your own soil.
    Points to consider first.
    #1 nutrients come in diffrent forms besides worm shit or chicken shit for nitrogen think about the way it is "extracted" from earth either organically or in a laboratory synthetic. The way to look at a nutrient is not via "worm or chicken " its should be thought of In its form "nitrate" nitrogen or "amonical" nitrogen. So on repeat with every nutrient on the bottle it will tell you how it was made.
    Usually the price will dictate the quality hence the form.
    That is the only way to know if your "bottled nutes are synthetic or organic" sometimes 1 part of a 3 part system will be labeled organic but not the other 2 lol .. pay attention to bottles closely .
    This is why....
    Bottled nutes are "water saluable" and it's a 3 part system cause you cant mix certain chemicles together like phosphorus and calcium that creates calcium phosphate bones are made of that it locks into a solid. OR ONE PART OF THE THREE WILL BE LABELD ORGANIC SO CAN MIX THEM WITHOUT LOCKING THEM UP you get that ? Re read if you have to..
    water saluables means the plant will suck up the nutrient along with the water that is awsome! Not organic tho.
    In nature a symbiotic relationship between microbes on the roots and the plant must exist!
    Nothings free in nature. The plant leakes 30% of its sugars down to the roots to feed microbial life the microbes in turn break down phosphorus in the soil. The bugs puke or poop or both on the roots and leave digestive enzymes behind which is an electric charged ionic form of the nutrients that's in a small enuff form the plant can uptake the nutrients.
    The plant sends out a pheromone that attracts microbes to the root zone when it needs phosphorus..
    THE SECOND YOU ADD BOTTLED NUTRIENTS TO ORGANIC SOIL the plant pushes the microbes away from the root zone by stopping the flow of sugar to them. Why would your plant continue to trade its sugars to bugs for phosphorus wene you just added artificial crap. You blew it buddy game over!
    This is why we feed sugar molassas products to our soil at the end of flowering..
    In nature the plant stops feeding microbes sugars it gets stingy cause it no longer needs phosphorus it's done in life(phosphorus is energy)
    By adding a high phosphate fertilizer like bat guano and sugar like cane molassas we keep the microbes on the roots by literally feeding them sugar they keep eating the bat shit and pumping the plant full of phosphorus it keeps making bigger buds, longer that in nature.
    That's why baT guano goes by " budswel"
    Remember it's a series of electric connections and sparks that make a plant live and us.
    The enzyme from microbes create chemicle reactions and keep the plant going faster and longer.
    Feel free to add info
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