Organic led. Green love potion, critical + and reserva privada random.

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  1. Okay so I've decided to start a journal for my current grow. Right now I have a reserva privada seed unknown genetics that's a few days above ground now. Also just had one glp(samsara seeds) pop and waiting for the other one and also waiting on a critical +. I have the rp and glp under a 180w ufo then I have a 900w led for flower. My soil is peat moss, perlite, mushroom compost, manure with a little hummus in it, dolomite lime, Peruvian sea bird guano, Jamaican bat guano, alfalfa meal, and kelp meal. They are all in solo cups with organic seed starter soil. Which is peat moss Dolomite lime earthworm castings perlite and volcanic clay.
  2. image.jpeg image.jpeg Just an update all seeds are popping through now the reserva privada is in the blue solo with critical + next to it and the other 2 are my green love potion. Any tips and advice are great and appreciated. Also I have some plastic ziplock bags loosely over them to keep moisture
  3. image.jpeg So it's been a week and here's a little update. The 1st green love potion didn't make it but the other 3 are looking good. I've used plain water for a couple waterings and my last water I used a little bit of superthrive about an 1/8 of teaspoon per gallon. Tomorrow they'll get a plain water.
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  4. image.jpeg Everything's moving along pretty nicely. It's almost the second week in veg. I noticed my glp got a little burnt from the little bit of super thrive I gave them so I'm thinking it's gonna be a light feeder. The others have been fine and I spayed them with Neem on Sunday and been feeding only straight water since the super thrive. I also moved my light a little closer to stop the stretching of my RP
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  5. image.jpeg image.jpeg Okay so I noticed that my glp was getting a little root bound in the solo cup so I transferred all of them on Thursday I forgot to take pictures of the root balls when I transplanted them. I put them all in 5gallon pots and they just got a watering this morning.
  6. And right now there under a 900w led actual power draw is 400 and when I throw them into flower I'm going to add a second 900w led.
  7. Last night I decided to foliar feed them some floralicious plus that I have extra of. I'm also thinking about flipping them in about a week or so.

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  8. They will be 3 weeks veg on Thursday
    it'll be their 3rd week veg on Thursday.
  9. Whoops didn't mean to put that twice haha
  10. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Yesterday I just went ahead and topped the glp right above the third node. First pic is RP most vigorous one so far. 2nd is the c+ And then the glp.
  11. They've all just starting their 3rd week of veg and I just gave them a plain water yesterday I also tried to plant a sour diesel haze auto for the hell of it but it's been above ground for about a week and hasn't even popped the seed case off or grown more than a cm or so so I'm thinking about pulling it. Plus, as soon as I get my mendo purp fem, purple skunk reg and querkle I'll be popping the skunk and mendo.

    This is the c+ image.jpeg
    Here's the RP image.jpeg
    Here is the glp. image.jpeg
    And then sadly here's the sdh auto :( image.jpeg
  12. Hey green. Did you try helping the seed case off? I had a sprout do the same thing and wouldn't grown until I removed the casing myself.

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  13. No I haven't i don't think it's far enough along without damaging it to much. I had to do some like surgical shit to one of my glps but it ended up dying
  14. image.jpeg So on Sunday I took the seed case off the sdh auto and waited a few days but it hasn't grown any and it hasn't shaken the clear film either and didn't make it. But I went ahead and started to lst my rp a little. I couldn't find my hemp string so I had to use tape. The other ones have been coming along nicely and tomorrow marks the start of their 4th week veg.
  15. Sorry to hear about your lost girl green, but the rest look good. I myself just started doing a bit of lst on one of my girls by taping. Besides the fact that I tore a leaf (oops) I think she's loving it. I look forward to seeing how yours take it.

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  16. Try to neem frequently in veg

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  17. Thanks man it's okay. And I kinda chuckled when I read that cause I just tore the very tip of a leaf off from the tape also.
    I have been trying to spray them once a week with Neem. But I haven't sprayed for 1 1/2 weeks. Thanks for your input guys! I appreciate every help and comment i can get.
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  18. image.jpeg Today I received my seeds for my next crop and I'm super pumped. But anyways I'm going to transition to 12 12 next week. And throw these babies in some water. My girl says I have to limit my grows so I have to leave out one of them I think it'll be the querkle
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