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Organic Kandy Kush Custom CFL Grow!

Discussion in 'Organic Grow Journals' started by Gnarkotics, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. A few weeks back I decided to go to my local hardware store and pick up a few things to start a closet grow. I already have a sizable operation going on, but wanted one close to home that I could put a lot of attention into.

    The soil I am using in this grow is my usual organic soil recipe that we cook in the back yard. It consists of ProMix Mycorrhizae, Compost from our house, Worm Castings, Perlite, Glacial Rock Dust, Kelp and Lime. It was cooked for a total of 3 months, rotated once at 6 weeks.

    I went into this with an idea I had seen in a book titled 'Buds for Less' or something along those lines, in which the lights were mounted on movable arms attached to a central base hanging from above. An idea that always seemed very appealing to me. This allows you to maximize the amount of light your plant will get from all angles, and as the CFL bulbs put off next to no heat, you can get them very close to your ladies without risk of burning.
    The total cost of this contraption including bulbs was $72. Also quite easy to assemble given you have the tools needed and a basic knowledge of wiring. A cabinet for this grow is in the works, but I have not found time to finish it.
    I will be using this journal to post daily pictures of my little Kush, as well as document a few of my bho batches. My main grow is located here- My Current Indoor Thread

    The plant is a 4 week old Kandy Kush from clone, pictures taken directly after transplant on 12-29.
  2. 1-5-13 Update-
    Got a HUGE 300w equivalent CFL from the hardware store for only $14! Seems like a steal of a deal seeing as how it fits perfectly in the top of my contraption and puts out an impressive 4200 lumens! It is a much warmer spectrum than I am looking for at this stage though, so it will remain off until I am closer to flower.
  3. 1-9-13, Different angle and too late to take another one :smoking:
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    Watered 4 cups in 2 stages 30 min apart. pH 5.8
    It should also be noted that this plant was topped around a week ago.

  5. Ill pull up a chair for this one
  6. Me too! Looks like a very neat idea to use the bulbs and kight output from multi angles, while leaving the top open to vent the heat easily. Can you simply adjust the arms angle as the plant bushes out?
  7. Yes, they are attached to an X made of wood with hooks that hangs ~3' above them and hold the steel chain.. Each one moves independently and doesn't effect the position of the others when moved (was pleasantly surprised about this)
  8. She is starting to plump up quick! Her stalk has easily doubled in size since planting. I am going to try and keep a similar angle on these pictures for the dailies, but I can post any pics you wanna see.

  9. Pruned the 3 biggest leaves off the top to give the upcoming branches more room to grow. This also allowed me to move the lights closer.
    New growth is looking like its ready to explode
  10. Rapidly growing into a tree.
  11. Nice man...thick branching
  12. Nice setup. I will definitely make something similar for my next grow. But until then i will follow yours!

    Good luck!
  13. what a nice looking plant! reminds me of a bonsai. really cool cfl setup too. good luck with this grow!
  14. Subbed! Like your lighting setup. Some good engineering.

  15. Thank you everyone for your interest. I will write up a complete materials list with prices and attach it to my first post, along with some drawings I made up while in the planning phase.
    I took a few leaves off her last night to increase light to the new nodes, this plant is about to shrub out like nothing I've ever seen before. I know that this probably is not optimal for bud production or overall health of the plant, but god damn is it fun to watch! Gonna veg her into a big ball before flipping, unless she gets so thick I could get creative with her, trim it to the shape of a dinosaur or something lol. Any questions regarding the plant or light set-up are welcome.

  16. Watered with 4 cups pH'd at 5.7
  17. Really cool light setup...wondering if there's a way with your current design to add more bulbs?

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