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Organic indoor skunk

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Chief Smokalottapiff, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Some dank... I can't really capture how awesome this shit is on the camera I got. Here's a bit of it

    Has a nice lemony floral taste to it on the exhale and gets me stoned. Also it's super sticky! Lovin this bud
  2. That's flame. :eek: :smoking:
  3. nice bud looks real dank
  4. Looks like a winner.
  5. Super dense looking nugs!
  6. Wow that looks fucking amazing man. Super jealous, not even gunna lie.
  7. Holy shit dude, that is some of the dankest weed I've ever seen.
  8. Looks frosty and really dense! Nice pickup
  9. Beautifully trimmed. Bud looks like a 10/10 in my book
  10. Thanks for all the responses everyone... pretty much every one of you said that it looks like the dankest ever, 10/10, etc... but honestly I don't know how you could tell that from the quality of the pics that were taken? Lol

    It was extremely dank I'll give it that, probably in my top 5 ever tried, if not definitely top ten. (I had access to the best buds I ever had, every time when I was younger because my cousin used to grow around here and he's very talented with it. He still does, but has since moved to colorado :) )

    To whoever said the trim job was beautiful, it sure as hell was. I honestly don't remember picking one leaf I didn't want to smoke off the outside or any part of these buds. Obviously this dude was meticulous with his work.

    To whoever said it looks super dense, it may look that way but actually they were just very full, thick buds. I wouldn't call it dense. Definitely not compressed. They were actually more fluffy. I would have been able to easily crush any of those buds with my thumb and forefinger. Perfectly grown, dried, cured, and the perfect consistency :)

    I got an oz of this stuff, and it was 32 grams, dude hooked it up. I "gave" some to my friends and ended up with over a 12 gram headstash, for free. Now, I'm usually a gram a day smoker, but this shit was completely gone in four days. So delicious I just couldn't stop smoking. Couldn't fucking stop.
  11. Skunk is one of those strains that you come across you know it's
    It's going to be a good smoke session. The first time I ever had skunk I was in Amsterdam and shit that stuff blasted me off. I love the bud structure like you said not really dense but a fluff almost too them. Nice buds man!

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