Organic Indoor Gorilla Glue & Purple Afghan Kush

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  1. Hello Everybody! This is my first time forum post on anything to do with cannabis, i have been growing outdoor a few seasons now and due to recent law changes where i live i am now able to cultivate 4 cannabis plants legally inside of my house. always being interested in the scrog screen training its been quite some time i've wanted to grow indoors and i would like to share my storey with you all and maybe get some helpful pointers along the way, my screen is located only 10-12 inches above the top's of my grow bags and i'm currently using two 600w MH lamps for vegging. all my plants are complete organic with zero chemicals introduced at any point in their lifetime. my current mix for this grow is HP pro mix, 25% worm castings, and gaia green 4-4-4 mixed into soil. i also top dress once monthly with 4-4-4 and worm castings. im currently feeding my plants an alteration of RO water and wormcasting tea as well as a 3 day Kelp spray cycle. so far everything seems to be going just how i imagined and plants are looking healthier each day. i will post some picture of where i am in my grow right now and see if anybody has any tips or pointers on how i could improve my grow even more that would be greatly appreciated :) i have already defoliated once lightly on each plant and was thinking to save my major lollipopping once i flip to flower. what are your thoughts and input on this? Also for all those scrog screeners out there! do u find your plants usually still double after being switched to flower under the screen? just curious as to how full i should let my screen get before i flip to flower. thank you everybody hope to hear some usefull info and follow up with another update in a few weeks! Cheers

    This attached picture is my left side of my 8'x3' screen im running 3'' sqaures witch ive already decided i will run 2.5'' on the next round. These are the 2 plants i would like to focus on as im certain of their strain and soil composition, any advice from anyone who has scrogged or is scrogging gorilla glue photo periods as i would gladly like to improve these beautiful babys in anyway possible (besides co2) plant on left is in 10G air bag and plant on right is in 15G air bag, at this point no difference in growth or water will keep updated throughout grow and decide if 15G is worth the trouble. BrutalBrown97 out 20190629_215651.jpg

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