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  1. My question has to do with my fertilizer. i am currently in my veg cycle. i have 12 plants in a 4 x 2 foot enclosure. with a double florescent hood overtop of the plants.

    i cant for the life of me think of the type of soil i am using. i know it came premixed with bat guano and earthworm castings.

    and i water the 12 plants 2 times a day once in morning and once at night. and i keep the light on 24 hours a day..

    i am using the iguana juice bloom and flower combo as my fertilizers for the different stages. right now im using the bloom on the veg cycle. now my question is on the bottle it says put 2.5ml per 1 liter of water.

    im using regular tap water out of the sink. is this enough fertilizer for the plants or should i be stepping up the measurements.. and is my light cycle sufficant ??
  2. How long have you been using the soil? The guano and castings should feed it for a few weeks. And it sounds like you're overwatering your plants. Twice a day is a lot for a soil grow. You don't want your roots to be drowning in the soil, they need air just as much as water and food. As far as nutrients go, I've never used what you are but a good rule of thumb is to start out with either 1/2 or 1/3 of the recommended dosage so you can get a feel for how your plants react to the nutes. Remember, stuffing nutes down a plant won't make it grow faster, you'll probably end up burning it and stunting growth. Your photoperiod is fine although people also use a 18/6 and even a 16/8 photoperiod for veg. Your fine with whatever works best for you. Also why are you using the bloom formula during veg.? What about this?

  3. im using the grow sorry the bloom was the one for flowering..

    so how much of the grow should i be putting for every liter of water..

    it said 2.5ml but for some reason i think that may be wrong...
  4. and what would be a good recommendation for how often i should be watering the plants.

    and should i put the nutrients in the water every time i water the plants??
  5. According to the image I posted it says either 15ml per liter or one tablespoon per quart. Start off with either 1/2 or even 1/3 of the recommended dosage to see how your plants react. How much you water is going to depend on the size of your plants (larger plants use more water), the size of your container, the relative humidity and tempurature of your grow room and the medium you are using. I water on average every 5-8 days for my larger plants and depending on the conditions I listed.
  6. so i should be watering them about every 5 to 8 days or longer??

    my plants right now are about 6 inches. and i have a couple that are at about 3 inches..

    the few that are short took a little more time to sprout then the other ones...

    thats weird though cause my bottle specificaly says in large letters 2.5ml per liter..
    but its on a sticker that was put over the i will have to try that..

    so basically 8ml per liter... 2.5 just isnt enough then... could that be why my stalk is skinny and tall??
  7. 5-8 days is just a rough estimate. Cannabis is actually a drought resistant plant. You really shouldn't be too concerned about under watering, just don't let your plant get to the point of being dried out and droopy. Go ahead and try 2.5 ml per liter for your nutes and just increase the dosage if you think it's not enough. Post up some pics. bro and you'll probably get more feedback. Later.

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