Organic Hydroponics?

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  1. Hey guys ive been hearing about this organic hydroponics lately. The system is half organic soil mix half bubble bucket bubbling straight water. Ive recently tried some of the final product and was quite impressed. Anybody know anything about this ?

  2. How does it work? sounds like self watering system.

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  3. From what i was told the plant has roots feeding on nutrients in the soil mix which is in a net pot with either rockwool or hydroton layering the bottom of net pot. The roots growing out at the bottom of the net pot draw up water from the bubble bucket . The pro mix has all the nutrients mixed in and the water in bubble bucket is plain r/o water.
  4. Think im gonna try it out ill keep you guys posted. It sounds easy cheap and quality yield.
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    You may as well just put together a solid soil mix and make self watering containers. Your probably taking away from the plant by putting rockwool or hydroton at the bottom. Just my opinion of course.
    Edit: If you want to you can add an air pump into your reservoir of the self watering container and bubble the water.

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