organic growing pest control?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lacrossestar, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. how do i do it cause my plants that are outside are getting eaten up and they are very young
  2. fence for bigger critters.

    for smaller ones...go out with a spray bottle of soapy water ever few days...bugs hate that shit.
  3. I grow indoors, but when I had a problem with flying pests I collected lots of spiders and positioned them on or near my plants.
  4. will soap hurt my plants? and what kind any kind as long as it isnt acidy?
  5. Go for something simple without any perfume or deodourant additives.Use a spray bottle.
  6. plain joy dish soap.

    dont be dumpin the whole bottle on...just a weeeee little bit on a bottle...just so u get a weeeeee bit of foam coming out of ur mister.

    no it wont hurt ur plant and after the first rain...its perd near gone.

    if that doesnt do it...there are some oils that are a step up but frankly...i cannot imagine this not it every 4-5 days and no way they get at ur plants

    oh and soap isnt acid or basic...its a buffer. it does break down basic tho. little bit of soap never hurt anything and sometimes can help soil structures.

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