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    I'm making room for some new pinned threads and am moving some of the less active stickies here. I will add links to other popular thread titles here also. GCO is really growing and with the volume of quality information being put forth, I want it to be handy for everyone.

    Feel free to pm me with any titles you feel should be on this list.

    Must reads:

    Organic Higher Learning Resources

    Post Your Organic Tea Recipe

    ACT-Aerated Compost Tea

    Mycorrhizal Fungi; Myths and Truths

    Gravity / Monsanto Heads Up Sticky

    Starting An Organic Plot With Minimal Effort

    Natural Insecticides and Fungicides

    Silica-The Hidden Cost of Chemicals


    Plant Hormone Production

    SST-Sprouted Seed Tea

    Gardening Books FTW

    Rock Dust

    Sourcing Organic Soil Mix Components

    What's In A Neem?

    Indoor Gardening Without Bottled Nutrients
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    Just a reminder:
    If any of the GC Organics Crew knows of a thread that they think is worthy of a place in the sticky library, please pm me with the link and title of the thread. I'll review it to add to this valuable resource.
    All the best,
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    BUMP for posterity. Again, if you find a thread you feel is worthy of this thread, bump it to the first page and then pm me and I'll get it in here.
    All the best to the GCO crew!
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  4. Thanks for the :poke: @Haggard !

    Bumping this again for everybody's posterity!
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