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  1. I want to document my journey into organics. I started a thread trying to figure out my soil recipe, but im going to list it again. I will list things out and hopefully get some discussion going that could also help some people.

    Apollo 4x4x7 Tent (Very satisfied)
    Lighting: 600W Phantom II Ballast - Hortilux Eye HPS/Apollo MH HydrofarmHood
    105W CFL x4 26W CFL x6 Can use for Pre-Veg or whatnot
    Ventilation: 6" Hurricane Inline Fan/6" Phresh Carbon Filter 2 Oscilatting Fans
    Open window is awesome during winter

    Soil: 1.5 Cu Ft Roots Organic Original
    .75 Cu Ft Ocean Forest *Not necessarily using

    Base: Premier organic Sphagnum peat moss/Perlite/EWC/Compost
    Alfalfa meal
    Kelp meal
    Fish bone meal
    Crab Shell Meal
    Oyster shell flour
    Glacial rock dust

    Peruvian seabird guano (11-12-2?)
    Diameticous earth
    Coco coir

  2. I used 1 27gal tote (Full design is tbe avg 3 bin) for now. I used newspaper, leaves, cardboard and a big handful of ocean forest. Ive had it for 12 days and fed it 5 strawberry tops and 4 slices of banana (I freeze it then thaw and serve.) I've been spraying it with water whenever it gets a little dryer, things seem to be going ok. How do you guys incorporate alfalfa, kelp etc..? Make a tea, and use the residual. Could possibly mix some fruit and the residual from the tea together and feed?

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  3. Im raking up all my leaves and going to add manure/humus then wet it down. Its getting real cold here, will that effect the timing? Anything I can do extra? Like adding alfalfa or kelp etc?

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  4. Youd be suprised that walmart carries a decent assortment of organics. I was looking to order some fish hydrolize or whatever else they have for teas.
  5. Hello Catdaddy. That picture of your bin looks and sounds like it should be a worm bin. :)

    Welcome to organic growing. Lots of places to shop besides walmart or big box stores. Good luck with your grow. :) Looks like you have a few plants looking healthy already.

  6. So I got some more items. I popped my Blue Dream, will be in my organic soil within 3weeks. Im trying to stock up on new items I can use to supplement my grow, whether its BioAg Fulpower, TM-7 for example..suggestions?

    Im going to compare my homemade soil to buildasoils living soil Modern Mix. I recently got, 200x aloe powder(plus 1 Aloe Plant,) Barley Seeds and Mulch. Im also looking to buy a 4ft 8bulb T5HO. Opinions on that?
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    Yes I recommend you to get BioAg Fulpower. Use it especially when you make barley/enzyme tea.

    Also when you start seeds.

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