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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by blueicegrows, Nov 13, 2022.

  1. 6-7weeks into flower, how does she look? Second grow, first went amazing but having some issues this round.

    My medium is FFHF soil through veg and before flipping I transplant into 1/3 strawberry fields, and 2/3 fresh happy frog. I use Gaia Green Dry Amendments, 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 power bloom, I feed once a month.

    Getting some discoloration in my leaves, not like a fall fade but spots and then necrosis, I've pulled most off but you can still see some in these pics.

    Would love to hear some feedback, thanks guys IMG_20221112_235622847.jpg IMG_20221112_235620774.jpg IMG_20221112_235605412.jpg IMG_20221112_235616266.jpg IMG_20221112_234727684.jpg IMG_20221105_193357908.jpg IMG_20221105_193510619.jpg IMG_20221105_193437946.jpg
  2. Natural color transitions, due to plant maturing.
  3. Thanks for the response, this seems not to be fall fade colors, the leaves that are changing are on the tops and bottom, and they shrivel upwards and die. My other plant is experiencing the same thing but worse all the new growth got light brown spots and then started to completely turn brown and crispy, it's not nute burn either has to be some type of deficiency just can't figure it out :(
  4. Well you look like you're in week 7 for sure, see some amber trichomes. I used to grow ICC for a while that looked like that towards the end, necrosis and all. Always happened mid week 7. I tested ppm at the time and it was definitely locked out. I flushed one good time, fed half nutes for the remainder of the grow. The plant will start using the nutes from the leaf to finish the buds.
  5. Awesome man, yeah this is an unknown strain I happened to get from a QP filled with seeds and the bud looked amazing so decided to start my grow venture. Some of the phenos are green, and a few have been this beautiful colorful mix of greens and purple. I'll update you on how she does after I flush her out and let her use up the green left in the leaves.
  6. Yeah dude it's tough if you don't know the strain cause you can't really get an idea of how long it's gonna take. Just gotta look for the signs. I'd say you're at that point where you don't need to be going full nutes regardless.

    To give you an idea, this is what my ICC looked like right around the end of week 7/beginning of 8.
    A flush won't hurt regardless, better safe than sorry imo. Got about 2.3 lb/light running floraflex LED. Could argue it's heat stress but the temps in my room never got over 84 with CO2 , maybe wasn't ideal that high but I think you're good dude just flush one good time and cut back on the nutes
  7. Damn bro i need some tips from you that's a fat grow, most I yield doing this organic side is QP to a LB, that's a crazy amount of fat colas holy. Would love to get some tips brother on maybe nute line and stuff. PM me, would hook you up with some of these genetics for the info brother

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