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  1. Naw. When I first started I asked him for help and he blew me off. Then I asked him for clones (willing to pay of course) and got the same. In fact he told me there was no way I could grow with my setup (vertical in attic with a roof 36" high). Well. Look at my results. Not gonna be kind when I got the treatment I did. Sorry.

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  2. Looks frosty. :D

    Yeah, I was assuming things were at best neighborly, was worth a shot.
  3. Ur grow is organic. Organic soil, organic nutes, and no manufactured fertilizers then u are organic. It is best to pre-mix ur medium with dried organic nutes and garden lime(for balanced ph) and let sit for 2-4 wks before use.You can supplement with a organic liquid nutes like kelp or fish emulsion.
  4. I just used the hydrogen peroxide method for fungas gnats yesterday at lights on, this morning before lights off I checked them and there was a noticeable difference. There was 1 instead of 5 or 6 in my box.
  5. And you killed most, if not all the microbial activity in the soil.....
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    If you build a good soil their is no need for additional organic nutes...
    Fish emulsion is hot processed and looses beneficial enzymes in the process...A hydroslate fish fert that is cold processed is the way to go if bottle feeding...
  7. How would water and oxygen (h202) kill microbes?
  8. Hydrogen peroxide main use is to kill bacteria...Microbes are bacteria...
    It dose kill gnats but, is only recommended for a non organic grow....
  9. Oh we are neighborly. Im just not going to help him lol. Not that he would listen anyway lol.
  10. Sometimes folks are just hardheaded that way


  11. anyone in their right mind would blow you off if you asked for clones through this forum.. just out of respect to the owner and the rules he asks us to follow.
  12. Thanx man.. my plants are ready for transplant so I'm not to worried I also only used at half strength. Wont happen again tho
  13. It was my neighbor.
  14. I'd had enough of the growing fungus gnat problem in my cooking soil (had no plants growing at the time) and had tried everything. My hands were tied as far as watering things in because I didn't want a bunch of mud, so as a LAST RESORT I bought a steamer and steamed the top of my soil. Supposedly the larvae only live in the top inch of soil, and while I'm sure I didn't get them all it cut down the numbers immediately and quite noticeably.

    Obviously I killed anything beneficial living in the top layer of my soil (including any soil mites which I looked for and didn't see) which is a good foot and a half deep, it was worth it to me to watch those frackers writhe around and DIE. So...while I don't advise using this method on any potted plant, if you've got gnats in your soil and don't mind losing beneficials in the top inch of it, this WORKS :D
  15. DE and Spino didn't work for ya?

    Damn, if it were me, I'd start trying out various herbs. In oil form or steeped in water, I'd do my time researching as I did with the linalool deal, and try to find another approach.

    Perhaps garlic or cinnamon, to try and irritate them?

  16. DE...maybe some, used cinnamon sprinkled on top of the soil worked for a day or two but not enough for me. Can't use spino cause again...mud. I bought some powdered spino...might have had some effect but the population was increasing faster than any effect anything was having. I've got neem meal and crab meal in my soil btw.

    Now that I've got plants going again it's easier believe it or not...I'm using neem oil sprays and gnatrol which works if you stick with it. I use it every single week mixed in with their regular water and I see a straggler now and again, but it's livable.

    I'll be potting up my girls into their final pots soon which will use up my current soil mix and will allow me to treat it with gnatrol as well. I've never seen any issues plantwise with the gnats before but I actually lost a seedling this round to larvae chewing it's way up the stem....mad me mad so I steamed em (NOT my original idea it somewhere).

    I've got a cinnamon stick in my 5 gal water bucket as well as BT both of which get switched out (BT is in a knee high stocking) on the regular. With the gnatrol waterings and no new soil coming in I'm hoping to at least keep thiese things under control ...the fight continues. :rolleyes:

    added: I've got lavender growing right next to my grow, and have tried rosemary, orange, cedar oils sprinkled around as repellant here and there. meh. Just bought pennyroyal seeds and started them. Will be throwing that in my next soil mix ;)
  17. Hmm...

    I haven't had any fungus gnat issues in my grows so far (taps on head), though all of them have been indoor.

    I'll try looking into it, see what I find. I'm curious as to what can be used, safely and effectively, that we haven't discussed here so far.

  18. All my grows are indoors as well, but I started growing with bagged soil that was full of gnats and cooked my first soil outdoors...that's where it started. I've read a LOT about fungus gnats, believe me :rolleyes:

    Like I said, if I can get a handle on this now that I'm 'cooking' indoors and not bringing anything new in I'm hoping ....
    Bring one houseplant in with em though and the cycle starts all over again. HATE GNATS!!!! :rolleyes:
  19. Lol most of you guys are going way to overboard for fungus gnats, you are armed to wage war against the norotious spider mite with all that weaponry and chemical warfare.

    I have a fungus gnat problem and I have found that just letting the media dry and roughing the top layer of media to let further dry seems to work well for starters.

    I dont use any neem or insecticides, not even yellow traps. I go to the dollar store and buy the 4 pack of fly strips, warm them with a blow dryer and hang them really low in my grow room around my plants. Seems to work just as well.

    I regularly inoculate my coir media with a GH Ancient forest tea with added mykos and subtilus and molasses. Im guessing there is SOO MUCH biological that the larvae or eggs or whatever are having a really hard time holding any ground in my media.

    I once witnessed a mass suicide by the gnats, and was very surprised with the results. I had a CFL bulb set on a timer to go out a couple minutes after my MAIN lights. The CFL when it went out had a glow to it for a half minute or so. I come back to my grow room to check temps later that day and the bulb was FULL OF GNATS all piled together and crispy dry, it looked like a pile of ants in the center of the twisted bulb and when I shook the buld it looked like pepper falling XDDDD

    I WAS LIKE.... VICTORY!!!!!

    I still have gnats, but they are seriously low numbers and dont bother me or my plants much. I might topdress with a little bit of neem meal, or a cheap neem product in the future.

  20. I'm happy for you, but drying out isn't going to happen with a SIP, and after growing that way for a bit I could never go back.
    When they start burrowing up the stems of your seedling let me know if you feel the same way about them :wave:

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