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    I had a small battle and i whooped their ass using 3 things..

    Mosquito dunks,azomite (micro form) and dryness!

    This was annoying because at one point I had bulk numbers like most here, then I got down to a controlled number with the yellow sticky.. But I always had a few wondering..

    I used one dunk in 3 liters of water juicing 4 one gallon pots... After the girls have drank I lay a pretty ambitious layer of azomite on the surface... Then let her sit..

    Anything that eats their way up into the azomite or digs down will ingest azomite.. The azomite has razor sharp edges that destroy internals and ends lives in seconds in adults/flyers.. Then as the days progress hand kill the few that remain.. I gently adjitate my girls to get anything off of them.

    The top of the soil (I currently use coco) will dry out in a day or 2, I rough up the surface until I hit moisture and let it dry further... (This helps mix azomite down further and get any remaining flyers flying.. Swat them squaters!

    I ended my battle in 7 ish days because I let the enviorment get super dry.

    Bacteria doesn't want anything to do with any kind of fungus or living organic organism.. The bacillus might fight for some food though :p but its not going to kill anything :)
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    OK, guys, here's how I did it: BTW, thanks for all the suggestions:

    - Let soil dry out real good before I started procedure

    - Each night at lights out they got a good foilar spray of Neem Oil.

    - Diatomaceous Earth on and in the top 1" of soil

    - 1/4 Mosquito Dunk in 1 gallon water, applied 3 days apart after sitting for 48 hours

    -Yellow Sticky "traps" are now a permanent part of grow until harvest just to keep an eye on things

    -didn't know about the azomite at the time, but I do have the appropriate amount in soil mix for each pot. Have to give it a try if the situation arises again.

    I also topped all the soil in small totes outside with DE. All this soil is cooking for future grows, so I hope it helps to keep the buggers at bay until then. Before use, I plan on spreading it out on a tarp in the yard to dry out real well, treat again with DE when potted and hope for the best.

    Thanks, everyone.

    I ordered for next time Neem Cake and Karanja Cake from Neemresources. Thanks for the reminder, LD. I would rather use something that works well on the gnats that I could just as soon eat and smoke.JaK
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    I have to say that I have been battling fungus gnats for MONTHS. Visiting frequently with the old vacuum, yellow sticky cards, letting the dirt dry out and putting diatomaceous earth on top, putting mosquito dunks in my watering water, crushing up dunks and putting them on top of the soil and watering them in, making a mosquito dunk tea (dunks and molasses) to try to increase the bacteria count.

    Well...what finally now appears to be working? I put my dirt bins in my freezing ass garage, stopped bubbling water for a few days, vacuumed up as many of them as I could get, and did 3 treatments of DynaGro Neem Oil + Pro-TeKt 2-3 days apart.

    1L of water @ 72-75 deg. F
    1/4 tsp of neem oil
    1-1.5ml of Pro-TeKt

    1.) Warm up the neem oil in a hot-ish bucket of water to get it liquid again
    2.) Put the neem oil and Pro-TeKt n a little cup and mix together till it looks like runny mustard
    3.) Add a tiny bit of water to the neem/Pro-TeKt mixture and stir some more (I use a chopstick)
    4.) Add the mixture to your 1L spray bottle of water (leave shaking/air room)
    5.) Shake the shit out of your mixture in the spray bottle and keep doing so about every 2 mins.
    6.) Spray down the tops of your plants dirt
    7.) Water your plants with just water for the next three treatments (for added good measure, I also covered the top of my soil with crushed mosquito dunks again)
    8.) After fully saturating the soil with your water, saturate the top of your soil with the sprayers mixture, followed by spraying all the bottom holes of your pots. Use the rest as a leaf spray.
    9.) Allow your plants to dry out borderline "pre-droop" before doing the net treatment combined with vacuuming up and buzzing around in the mean time.

    ...I'm going to go and check the girls again now. Last time I checked, I only found two flying around. Here's hoping for none this time. Will report back, but this is the only thing that seems to actually be working for me.
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    commander, some great suggestions. only thing I would mention is the fact that the neemresources people say to be careful with the temperature of the water used when you mix it. Their reason being the possible destruction of the important properties of the oil. The recommendation for their product is to put a small amount of warm water in a bottle with the proper amount of neem oil and liquid soap, then mix well, add remainder of water, then apply - shaking alot as you said, as you apply. There should not be any oil rising to the top while you spray. I think their porduct is one of the best out there.

  5. can i do the neem and dyna pro process at 28 days in flower and have time to flush:confused:
  6. Why would u need to flush? What do u want to flush out? Fyi with organically grown plants u dont flush. U just grow, watch, harvest. Couldnt be more simpler.
  7. Is it really necessary to treat a person who may not be as skilled as some of the master growers as though they are less of a person? I do grow in soil and have only been at it for two yrs. At 50 yrs of age, i try to treat people with a little dignity. My appologies if my fungus gnat problem caused you offense. My main concern was the quality of the taste when finished. No worries, i am sharp enough to figure it out. Peace brotha
  8. I think you're taking it a little too personal... He just told you that you don't need to flush organic soil....

  9. I guess that i have not progressed enough as of yet to grasp the true organic meaning. I grow in soil as i mentioned, i use nutrients that are organic. Maybe this is not true organicd, not sure, but even this i still like to flush my soil with plain fresh h2o the last week or so. As far as taking things personal, i dont. We just live in a world that seems to have a condescending tone. Like i say, the sun is shining today and i hope all get to enjoy it. Chau
  10. I believe what beer was trying to communicate was the fact that since we don't grow using soluble salts, there isn't a logical reason to flush out our soil.

    The nutrients we rely on to feed our plants are usually immobilized within the bodies of the microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) until they die, are eaten or decay.
  11. hey man..

    donno how much airflow you have going on but..

    gnats hate windy conditions and are notoriously poor flyers... keep a box fan blowing at soil level. If they can't land, then they can't lay eggs in the dirt.
    i've done this in the past with great success.. (along with yellow sticky traps and keeping things as dry as i can)

    anyway, it's worth a shot without having to make fancy recipes etc..
  12. Cool beans. If u have time feel free to view my grow on my thread. Lol. I def have air movement. Thx for the help
  13. cool man,

    will do.

    and yeah.. figured you did. My last bout w/ gnats was tougher than normal and cranking up the wind definitely helped.

    be well man..
  14. I was talking to my grow store guy. I have been using fox farm ocean for quite a while no issues. He told me fox farm has had issues with no plans to resolve. I guess i will start using something else and do preventative treatment. thx for visiting my thread
  15. yeah.. been using it for years as well and it's not as good as it used to be. I noticed a difference a couple years ago.. Doesn't even smell the same lol..
    it still makes good weed, but i may start making my own after these bags are gone.
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  16. Adding a fan instead of neem, crab, and rock dust (the basic minerals in organic soil). Seems way less complicated evn though its about the same cost.
  17. Whoa bro. No offense meant man but u cant flush out neem and silica. It sounds like u are not growing organically, in other words not growing with a true living soil that feeds your plants but rather you feed them with bottled nutrients. To each his own man but honestly it confuses us when someone comes to the organic forum and says they are growing organically but they really arent.
    Organically to us means u mixed up a soil and let it properly cycle and then u just give it water or the occassional tea/fpe. So when u asked how to flush neem cake out of ur soil I asked u questions meant to get you to think more about whether u want to learn how to grow using a living soil or if u wanted to stay doing what you're doing. I mean, you came to this subforum for a reason right? We are all ready willing helpful growers here, you just gotta challenge yourself to keep learning as you grow. I will tell you one thing man. Getting stuck in a rut and never growing your knowledge is the worst mistake to make. I see how much my quality has surpassed my neighbor and he has been growing longer than me. Does the same shit he was taught 4 years ago. Hasnt changed a damn thing. The other day he told me he was spraying co2 when the lights were OUT because someone told him thats how they get rock hard nugs. Im thinking ro myself if you would pick up a damn book or do some research about photosynthesis you wouldnt be looking like such a dumbass right now...
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  18. Its a comnunication thing. I have learned an abundance of info from some very knowledgeable people at GC in a short period of time. Just a visitor seatchin out exp gnat exterminators. Conversation took a different direction from there. I wish u and ur friend the best and extend the invite to visit my thread anytime. cut him some slack if hes a ole fooker lol. Stop by chill bridge the gap. Also good description of organics. Now i know a little sumpin more today than yesterday and it will help me in the future.
  19. Perhaps some kindness is in order here, eh?

    Might want to let your neighbor in on this site, get him started reading. Then point him towards the books.

    Who knows, you might end up with a buddy to bounce ideas, experiences, etc. off of. :D
  20. Ok so maybe waking up to a cup a joe and a bud getds my curiosity going. With that said i have a question. What category does my style of grow fall in? I mix my own ammendments to organic base. I do use bottled nutes but even that is organic. It seems to me that if u manipulatr the life of ur plant in anyway it is not an organic grow?

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