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  1. ive ordered some Jobes 4-4-4 organic granular fertilizer and was wondering if that’s accepted as organic.

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  2. it's listed as OMRI so that's certified organic.
    would be nice if they put a more detailed description of their ingredients, but if it's OMRI certified it must be all organic
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  3. Cool, I didn’t know that there was a certification process. My garden has done well with just top dressing the same dirt that I used when planting but as the season goes on I was looking for a backup. The 4-4-4 seems like a good mild choice.
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  4. Not neccesarily true. OMRI is like AKC. No one actually does any checking up. You pay the money, they grant you the certification. Problem is, especially in this industry, not everyone is listing all the actual ingredients. Look up Guardian Mite Spray.


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  5. I took this into account as well and I looked into the company as much as I could. The product has good reviews and looking at the Jobes site I found all of the contact info easily enough and really informative. I’ll report back on how it goes.
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