organic fertilizer....hows it sound..

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  1. i heard this on the net and i wanted to see what u guys thought. basically....
    1. u have 1 cup of alfalfa grinded up to as close to a powder as possible (alfalfa is what rabbits eat, almost like grasS)
    2. take that and put it into a stocking and tie the stocking closed.
    3. put 3 tablepsoons of epson salt in a 5- gallon bucket filled to about 3 inches shy of the top
    4. work the stocking with the alfalfa in the water with ur hands, almost meading it.. it will start to mix and turn a dark green/brown color. do this thoroughly until its a rich dark color
    5. let it brew (sit) for 3-5 days.
    6. water plants with the brewed result as a fertilizer

    i heard this and it actually sounds alright. what do u think? good , possible, terrible ... what lol...i tried it on one plant today and im anxious to see results...if this doesnt seem good, let me know what veg. ferts (preferably organic) that u use
  2. I use a fert made from Russian comfrey, there is a thread on it. Mine has to rot for a lot longer than 3 days though.
  3. you can make a nice organic tea by using worm castings with that methodi dont know about alfalfa & epson salts....alfalfa?
  4. Reading the recipe again, it does sound a bit high in Epsom salts.

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