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    Guys, this is my first of four, truly successful grows. I know this plant ain't the biggest and best, but for me it is. My C99, with a cola about 8-9 inches long and nice and thick, with 28 varying size well stacked nuggets is truly making me smile very big - oh, my wife, too! Should be ready very soon. Tons of clear Trichomes with low range cloudy and amber. Damn, am I in a hurry to cut her. Should be a few more days though. I'll let you know how things go.

    I have two beautiful girls ready to go to flower. Yes, that's right. They are already showing fem in vegging, 18/6, at almost four weeks. This C99 I have shows very early.

    So, ready to harvest and ready to send the next two into flower. Then, I have four seeds in wet paper towel after 24 hours in a shot glass of H2O with a tiny bit of seaweed extract - very tiny bit. Matter of fact i wiped my finger on the inside of the shot glass to mix a little seaweed extract in. Now they are on a plate with a warmer under them. I am hoping all 4 beans show life in a couple days.

    Hope you are all safe and happy for the holidays.


  2. Tight-ass nugs jak. You be proud papa man!
  3. Nice!!! I would be totally thrilled if that was mine!! Can I have it?:D

    Now that you seem to have it all together, you can share your knowledge with me.;)

    I have most of my nutes together and will be posting soon for help on mixing it all together.


  4. what breeder did u get this c99 from?
    mosca? joey?? or.......grimm?:D
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    Possum, dude, consider it a side effect of your knowledge!!

    Green Watcher, Got the seeds from Hemp Depot. They are Joey Weed c99's. Granted, they are not the best out there, but for 57.00/10 seeds they are coming out pretty well now that I have my soil mix together.

    Evil T, I did post the exact mix I am using a little while back. The thing with this mix was I had it sitting for at least 5 weeks before I put my transplants in it. I think that has come to e a crucial part of this organic mix strategy. Mix up your stuff, give it some water and a little tea action, let it "stew", then put it to use. My current grow I only sat for about 2 weeks, with an FPE on it and a mix of SCD BioAg and Aloe Vera juice.

    We will see how this one goes. Usually a bit further in something will show it's ugly head, but this harvest I was green all the way in to the finish. I don't even partake in the smoke, but I love growing this shit. I know my wife is going to love consuming it.

    Evil T, be glad to help where I can, but for now I consider myself lucky for what I got. When I get a few more of these under my belt, I will consider myself worthy of being a good source of knowledge. For now, back up on a lot of this is good to go when Possum, LD, Chunk, Stank and the lot pitch in. That's how I got what I got!!

  6. Outstanding looking girl you got there...

    Give yourself a big pat on the back for "Job well done" :bongin:
  7. nice bro i was wanting to get those many diffrent phenotypes did u have??
    sure looks nice tho.
  8. Green, not quite sure of the amount of phenotypes of the C99, just ordered them once, so far. I think it was an F2, if I am not mistaken. Wasn't so concerned with the phenotype when I ordered. You can get C99 and Blueberry for 3X the amount other places and it may be better, but so far, after mastering things a bit, I am now happy with things.

    I just got the Blueberry X C99 for the second order from Hemp Depot. I have gotten some good vibes from these guys. Great delivery and good communication. I have the Blueberry x C99 germinating now. Hoping for some cool results.

  9. good to know man ive been wanting to try their mail order out.tired of having spare change left on gift cards that i cant use ithink lol
  10. Looks Delicious!

    Good Job Man :)
  11. you've got a little more time left if you're seeing lots of clear but few cloudy

    looking nice, Jak...feels good, doesn't it?!
  12. Thanks jak but dude, it's your knowledge that did what you did and produced the side effect LOL. I'm just a fellow collaborator and someone who parses an extrememly volumious amount of data in an effort to share valid information In short, I'm just some dude wandering around out here in the world, trying to get ahead. LOL!

    You done good man!
  13. Joey Weed puts out some damned fine seeds, especially the C99 line. If I remember correctly, his tends to be the second best C99 out there by popular consensus. Mosca has a slightly better version in terms of vigor (they have two nicely worked lines of it), but a lot of people say the J.W. is closer to the Grimm packs in phenotypic expression. Or I could have spaced, and that could be backward, lol.

    Your buds look delicious, and I can already tell you that you'll be blown away. What does she smell like? Also, what day are they at? C99 is a pretty versatile line in terms of harvest window. When you take her makes a big difference, from what I've heard. If your wife has anxiety issues, you may want to let her go a bit late.

    Very nice man.
  14. Hi Jak,

    Nice looking buds. :hello:

    Is that purple hue for real? Very pretty. What's the aroma like?

    >>My C99

    Was thinking of this one. I will be interested in your thoughts.

    I am sure your wife will enjoy your efforts.

    Good luck with the next ones.

  15. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. You did well. Nice colours.
  16. JaK.

    Very nice indeed bro! Those are some seriously fat buds.......

  17. A very beautiful lady!...just the image of her is intoxicating!
  18. Showing some love for Hemp Depot. Great Seed company there not mentioned alot but HD been around since 'o2. Always a good choice to find genetics. I went with the Mosca just 'cause there is a freebie pack of Mosca's in it for the purchase. GooD LucK
  19. greenbudz, who has the Mosca's in HD? I don't remember seeing them. Have you had that strain before? I do like dealing with the Hemp Depot. I think they have great service and always let me know what is going on with my order - when they receive it and when they send it back to me. Real Quick Turnaround.

    Chunk/Olie, thanks for the props!


  20. Sterces, Sam, Skunk, thanks for the props. I harvested her yesterday.

    She was stinking up the room. When we are out and come home we could really smell it. Also, the purple color was for real, Sterces!! I loved her color.

    Sam, the day I took that pic she was nearly (2 days shy) 8 weeks of flower. I cut her down the day after 12 full weeks of growing - 4 veg, 8 flower. She was ready. Was about 50/50 in trichome color amber/cloudy clear. I have it hanging in the closet now and swear she is frostier than ever!!

    I took the smallest Nug and had the wife take a taste - yeah, I know, just couldn't stand not doing it. She said it was groovy, baby!! That's a good thing.

    Happy Sunday.


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