Organic Compost??

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by doobiesnacks69, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hey i recently got a compost container to try and make organic soil for my trees.

    Any ideas on some good things to use?
  2. I use whatever is around the house, lawn clippings, fallen leaves, any amount of kitchen scraps that is too much for the worm bin, wood chips, weeds from the garden, etc. etc.
  3. doobiesnacks,

    I also have my first compost in the making. I was in a bit of a hurry so I bought alfalfa cubes from the feed store and put 5 gallons in water overnight to start my compost and it seemed to work well. Mixed with chopped leaves and all the other above mentioned scaps.

    We all know that alfalfa is great for the trees!

    Good luck and watch out for those nasty knats.

    You can buy a very large bag at a reasonalbe price.
  4. We've had a compost box in our back yard for probably more than 10 years.
    Over that 10 years we've thrown almost anything into the pile..
    Food scraps like bones, apple cores, banana peels... ect.
    Mulch, fish heads/fish guts, manure, leftover soil from old pots, dead flowers/twigs, sawdust.
  5. Alright thanks.

    I'm plannin buyin some alfalfa cubes and mixin all my yard debris.
  6. That's a good idea, i use alfalfa grass in my compost as well as on top of my potting soil, to keep the moisture in.

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