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organic cloning

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by IMO, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. anyone wanna share a successful method they have employed? getting started on my mother room, going to be taking clones in a bit and id like to weigh my options. ive done both simple soil and hydro cloning.

    whats your organic method and how effective is it?

    thanks for your input
  2. come on 30 views and no replies? no one wanna share? there has to be other folks out there doing perpetual organics...

  3. so far I have just been cutting and placing into peat pucks, keep humid and warm. I see roots in 8-12 days or so. has rooted 6/7 clones so far

    no cloning gel, powder...nothing but water and media


    just like that
  4. Like p_snick says, I have read time and ago to forgo all the gels, powders, cloning machines, etc, and put them in a well aerated, good, potting soil, peat cubes, etc. Give them some light and the moisture and I have been hearing more and more success stories. This is from the giants of the organic GC grow arena.

    Don't let the hype make you spend a lot of money on all the institutional methods advertised by the hydro companies. Give p_snicks idea a try.

  5. 75% organic EWC, 25% organic Sphagnum peat moss and wetted down with a kelp meal tea (or soluble seaweed extract).

    12 - 14 days = massive roots in a Solo 18 oz. cup.


  6. no vermiculite? or some other aeration amendment? I'll have to try that next time...running out of peat pucks

    Do you add any myco to this mixture? or do you wait to inoculate the roots at transplant?
  7. p_snickers

    Since the OP asked about 'organic' I didn't list the gel that I've use for inoculating the potential root zone with endomycorrhizal fungi. It's a carboxymethyl cellulose based product that when mixed with water is very thick and viscous.

    I add the endomycorrhizal strains into the gel along with humic/fulvic acid, soluble seaweed extract with liquid silica treated water as the base of the gel. The cellulose product comes as a dry powder so the water that you add to activate it can contain the kelp meal tea, humic and fulvic acids as well as the liquid silica.

    100% guaranteed results - consistently. Always. Ever. Never fails.


  8. and just to be absolutely clear...

    Cloning is easy as pie

    the trick is picking out good branches to clone...something i'm still working on myself

  9. I'm gonna assume that you dip the cutting in this mixture, rather than using a syringe?
  10. Organic cloning is simple. You just need your favorite, moistened organic medium, preferably something with a very low nutrient content, a few small cups or pots, a container, and your cuttings.

    Place up to three or four cuttings in each small cup or pot, I find that with more than one plant sharing that small space, initially, their competitive nature helps them to all establish with a higher rate of success, than just one per cup... at least with my lazy-mans cloning methods. They deplete moisture quicker within the first few hours, which is healthier for a rooting environment if it's over-moist, and will promote faster rooting decreasing the chance for any unwanted elements to become involved.
    It's usually 100% successful this way, and the last plant will usually root in about 4 days so it's fairly quick, too, but it doesn't look fancy, which bums me out.. but it also works too well for me to bother upgrading every time I move countries.

    Anyway, find a container of sorts, now this may be too high tech for some (lazy mans way remember), currently I use the styrofoam containers the Omaha Steak company delivers meat in :) They're a nice flat-ish white.

    Put your cups with medium and cuttings inside your container, and cover the top with clear plastic wrap; it can't 'focus' the light and won't cause burning. Place the container under your light source, the more powerful the light source is, the further away you'll want it. With low wattage cfls for instance you'll want them almost on top of the thing, but I use a few 1,000 watt hps systems, so I stick my container in the far corner of my room, between 6 and 9 feet from the lights.

    Using the above method I consistently have a bunch of healthy, rooted plants (usually I do about 40 at a time), which I'm already almost de-tangling from each other to transplant, in less than a weeks time.
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    Organic Honey works quite well as a rooting compound for clones.

    And also, If using peat pods, soak the medium in a 1/4 strength nutrient compound before cloning.

    Happy Growing :)
  12. I am all about my Aero Cloner.

    Basically a Home Made EZ-Cloner.

    Just spraying water and 100% success rate :)
    I know these posts are old, but I'm curious to know if these cloning methods are still suggested and if so, would they also work with Monster Cropping?
  14. When you take the clone during flower, im pretty sure.
    Alright Wak.... :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin: ... one more time.... Right before harvest you take this little mofo right here inside yo grow tent and you run ass all over yo plants budZ man. Throw them mafakas in the dark for 38 hours and then hit 'em with Spinosad and neem and 16,000 watts of mafukin light man! Thas what a monster cropping mafucka be doin' in his crib man - Monster Fuckin' Croppin'
    Sheesh.... :smoke:

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  16. Monster cropping is what happens when you flower and then re-veg a plant.  It really gets wild.  The leaves will have a strange number of fingers and the leaves will lose a lot of their serrations (hence the name "monster").  
    I suppose you can have a decent crop from one of them, but after harvesting one and dealing with the trimming, you will never grow one again.  BY FAR the worst trimming I have ever had to do.   It was good ganja, but just a nightmare to trim.  
  17. Jesus, why do stoners feel the need to assign different terminologies for what were originally terms that are easy to understand?
    Re-veg'.  Man, that was easy!
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    Because it turns into a monster!   ;)  It usually happens when people flower them young to sex them, and then switch them back to veg until they are a size they want.  It's way easier to just veg the plant out and sex a clone of the plant.  You will thank yourself in the long run.
  19. Seemed funnier last night. That Elephant Bud is supposed to be sativa dominate. Guess so or else i am one crazy mofo.

    :bongin: could be one or both. Better days ahead.... :bongin:

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