Organic Bug Prevention? I Need Help

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by ant420ftp, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. I'm looking for some tips on keeping the bugs off my planters there's no bugs on now but I don't want them to come I want to do this organically anybody tell me what you do

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    4 tsp. of neem oil
    emulsified with
    2 tsp. of the AgSil 16h
    added to 
    1 gallon unchlorinated water (with aloe vera as surfectant) 
    foliar spray BOTH SIDES and soil drench
    repeat every 3 days exactly for 4-5 applications consecutively
  3. cpt. jacks dead bug brew... or neem oil my friend...
  4. Crawling pests = Diatomacious earth around the perimeter of grow area. It will kill any pests that crawl though it.

    Leaf eating pests such as mites = neem oil or organic oil based sprays such as the Monterey products. Neem meal can also be worked into the soil or top dressed with.

    Caterpillars and bud worms = BT (I use safer brand caterpillar killer).
  5. Well I got me some neem oil concentrate I did 6 tablespoons to 3 gallons water put in spray botlles

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  6. BT?

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     It looks like you've received a lot of good advice on treating pests and disease so far, but your question was how to prevent them. One of the best organic IPM strategies is to use good compost and vermicompost in your planting beds. This increases systemic acquired resistance (SAR) and helps grow healthy plants. Healthy plants have the ability to fight off pests and disease when under attack. Here's a couple of supporting research papers.

    This paper on page 9 of section IV has some hard data also.

    Another strategy is to incorporate rock dust/s in your soil beds.

    And finally, grow companion plants in your beds. Not only do companion plants repel pests, they attract beneficial predator insects that keep things in balance.

  8. thanks a lot bro you should check out my green house in the greenhouse forum Diy greenhouse.. fighting these pest should be easier inside this controlled environment I'm making

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    Apply a bit of rock dust and comfrey +aloe vera leaves (if you have them on hand) in a water solution via foliar spraying.
    Or you can always go the essential oils route, DE, neem or biological prevention (predators).

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